The Bang Bang Thread


In the middle of Melrose indeed.


Mariscos Jalisco > Stumptown > Everson Royce Bar


Has anyone ever seen Chrissy Teigen and @President_Mochi in the same room together? Just sayin… #willtherealpresidentmochipleasestandup


#Tacoballer! I’ll just summon them to my house.


My husband, John Legend, and I respectfully request our taco privacy at this time. Thank you.


Yes, please listen to my wife.


I adore Chrissy Teigen…she has eclectic eating habits…most I definitely relate to…except for her love of Taco Bell and the Grand Slam from Denny’s. Her cookbook was a lot of fun to go through.


Belcampo x Sari Sari

Double fast burger

Coconut pie

@Chowseeker1999 you weren’t kidding, this pie was really good, especially that crunchy topping.



Why did you have to show me the Coconut Pie again?! :cry: I’m craving it now! :smile: Yah I love Sari Sari’s Buko Pie.


Don’t miss the key lime pie at Republique, it may be my favorite pie in the city.:laughing:



Do they always have it available? The last few times at dinner we didn’t see it, but maybe brunch only? Thanks.


I believe they sell out, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Every time I have had it, it was for brunch or to go.


I did a Little Jewel / Triple Beam bang bang on Sunday. I’m finally owning up to it.

I won’t post ALL the photos, they abound in other threads…

Asparagus Pizza

…and shared some of the muffuletta with the kid.


The Tour of Italy (and Pakistan) Bang Bang Bang

Jame Enoteca

Solid neighborhood place, everything was good except for the prosciutto.

prosciutto - 18-month riserva, tenerelli orchard peaches, arugula, straciatella
This was miss, the prosciutto was stringy, chewy and the peaches were mealy and not sweet. Shouldn’t have ordered peaches out of season.

capellini - long thin pasta, 36-hour tomato, basil, reggiano

cappelletti - lobster, corn, lobster broth
Nice and corny, was hoping for more lobster flavor.

scarpinocc - stuffed pasta, braised beef cheek, brown butter, sage, saba

meyer lemon pie

no toto


Love the thin crispy crust, really reminds me tacconneli’s in philly.

Zam Zam Market

chicken biryani
Spices and flavors are more complex than the privacy settings on facebook


After three months of @Nemroz forcing me to do keto, I’ve fallen all the way off the wagon by way of Sawtelle.

Katsu sandwich

Wish they didn’t lather it in sauce, but it’s still solid. Bread was nicely toasted. Definitely ask for the hot mustard.

5 piece karage

Really good. Comes out piping. Like, Digiorno right of the oven hot. And the juice was loose. I would say eat there versus take it to go. The breading gets a bit uncrispy otherwise.


No pictures but holy moly - have they gotten better??? I wonder if the added competition in the area has made 'em step their game up. I’ve always had them in first on Mount Ramenmore, but this bowl was something else. The broth and noodles were tops, but the chashu was exceptional. Wow. Pure porky heaven. And that damn egg was so good, I saw Veruca Salt 'miring. Slurp swoooon.

taro / coconut / lychee w mac nut ice cream

Recently returning from Maui, I wanted another taste of the island vibez. Sadly, this is not the shave ice you’re looking for.


Yes. Yes they have.


What a time to be alive.


lol. i did no such thing, did i? i didn’t do it long enough this year. .going back in heavy at start of the year. need to go for 3 months.


lulz. Nah. You mentioned it at one point, which inspired me to follow suit, so I’ve been secretly blaming you for me getting healthy.


This is not the rep I want, Mochi. I’m the type to promote unchecked debauchery :man_dancing:t4: