The Bang Bang Thread


In the middle of Melrose indeed.


Mariscos Jalisco > Stumptown > Everson Royce Bar


Has anyone ever seen Chrissy Teigen and @President_Mochi in the same room together? Just sayin… #willtherealpresidentmochipleasestandup


#Tacoballer! I’ll just summon them to my house.


My husband, John Legend, and I respectfully request our taco privacy at this time. Thank you.


Yes, please listen to my wife.


I adore Chrissy Teigen…she has eclectic eating habits…most I definitely relate to…except for her love of Taco Bell and the Grand Slam from Denny’s. Her cookbook was a lot of fun to go through.


Belcampo x Sari Sari

Double fast burger

Coconut pie

@Chowseeker1999 you weren’t kidding, this pie was really good, especially that crunchy topping.



Why did you have to show me the Coconut Pie again?! :cry: I’m craving it now! :smile: Yah I love Sari Sari’s Buko Pie.


Don’t miss the key lime pie at Republique, it may be my favorite pie in the city.:laughing:



Do they always have it available? The last few times at dinner we didn’t see it, but maybe brunch only? Thanks.


I believe they sell out, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Every time I have had it, it was for brunch or to go.


I did a Little Jewel / Triple Beam bang bang on Sunday. I’m finally owning up to it.

I won’t post ALL the photos, they abound in other threads…

Asparagus Pizza

…and shared some of the muffuletta with the kid.