The Beef Roll from 101 Noodle Express at Westfield Culver City


Oh yeah, if my wife and I don’t get our own beef roll, there would be much potential trouble.


Their published menu has over 20 varieties of fried dumplings and 22 steamed dumplings. I think they have 3 at the mall location. Not a deal killer just on my wish list.


When at Langer’s: Eat pastrami.

When at 101 Noodle Express: Eat beef roll.


And dumplings and lamb skewers.


JABS, mentioned that they had the very best fucking fish dumplings in town too, better than fucking din tai fung, and the now defunct ones from dumpling 10553.

and that’s no fucking joke.

I was never a fan of the fucking beef roll.

maybe i’ll give it another whirl.


@paranoidgarliclover It is something like that, have you had it at the SGV location(s)
@kevin I don’t think they have fish dumpkings west of the 710 (Freeway, that is)


Alas, I have not. If it’s at all pickled, my parents growing up were insistent that I not eat anything pickled for fear of developing stomach cancer. The fear has stayed w/ me (to an extent) as an adult. ::sigh::


Yes, I think it it might be pickled.
I think the jury is out on a true causal relationship of pickled veggies with gastric cancer, however (unlike 99% of the hoo-ha people spout about cancer and diet) your folks’ fears are not totally without scientific merit:

However, IMHO, there are sure to be quite a number other risk factors at play - genetics, smoking, alcohol, other dietary or infectious agents - and even the study quoted above did not find that the association is significant in Western countries. Still, as long as there is some concern, if I had a family history of gastric cancer I might avoid (or eliminate) pickled veggies, particularly if I was of Chinese or Korean descent.

That said, if I really had a strong family history of gastric cancer AND I was of Chinese or Korean descent, AND I was a FoodTalkCentralian, JUST before eliminating pickeld veggies, I would try that fucking condimnent at 101 - IT IS THAT GOOD!!!


Evidence-based FoodCentralTalking… What is this world coming to?! :laughing:


what is this fucking condiment you speak ???

can’t we get cancer from just about anything these days ???

especially beautifully smokey cue, here’s looking at you fucking Maple Block brisket.


LOL!! Okay you guys… I remember the last time I ordered it, I could barely finish half of the rolls on their own. Maybe they have gotten a clue and downscaled a bit. I’ll give it try again later this week… LOL!!



Looks like preserved vegetable. Love that stuff too, but sadly they do not have it at the Culver City 101. They have wicked chili oil tho!! :slight_smile:



Its pickled Chinese green mustard.

In other words, it’s Chinese relish.

Sam Woo back in the day made it famous and a must for the liver with pork blood dish.


OH!!! Is it the stuff you sometimes find w/ pork chop rice (I think A&J used to serve it that way)? I have mixed feelings about it.


pardon my ignorance, but are these fish dumplings of which you speak available at Westfield Culver City?

if so, i’m so there.


We both wish.


good thing the Culver joint is still open, getting fed by the warehouse in El Monte.

Cuz the OG Alhambra joint is still completely shut down due to vermin infestation. By vermin, i don’t mean roaches.


[quote=“westsidegal, post:35, topic:296, full:true”]
pardon my ignorance, but are these fish dumplings of which you speak available at Westfield Culver City?

if so, i’m so there.
No. not there. They have like 3 of the 40-50 dumplings that they have on their online menu. but nothing with fish, just a pork and a shrimp and that’s it.


What fucking vermin we talking abouts ???


Damn raccoons.