The Beef Roll from 101 Noodle Express at Westfield Culver City


Raccoon rolls?


Gotta defrost the star ingredient first, though…


Extra hoisin sauce !


Hoisin goes well with possum pie too, I’ve heard…


Not being Chinese I never get that menu at Beijing pie house.


“No vermin for you!”


i have nothing to add here (yet). but just joined the site and i have to say, its comforting to see names like chandavkl, kevin and ipse (thanks for the invite).


General tsos vermin ?
Orange vermin?


Glad you’re here.

That must be the quickest response to an invite!


Too lao-wai. You want:

Vermin climbing tree
Vermin jumping over wall
Vermin, prepared “squirrel” style (ironic, since I suppose squirrel is vermin too)


That’s the shrimp and lobster sauce of too Lao wai


Are these fish dumplings of which you speak available at Westfield Culver City

Yes. They have both Fish and Shrimp and Spinach Pan Fried Dumplings. It’s also a hefty order. They are NOT SGV quality, frozen and reheated. BUT they are better than most dumplings available in the area (Does 5i still do ‘dim sum’ what a disaster. :PP)



wait a second

they have the dope fucking fish dumplings at the culver city/fox hills mall location ???

that’s definitely news to me.


I go there every week. Am I mistaken that they only have like 2 varieties of dumplings there? I had shrimp and spinach and a also a pan fried filled with pork. How did I miss those fish dumplings?

I hope there is a secret menu :smile:


Oh no! Did they get rid of the Fish ones? I KNOW I ordered those in the past, but it has been a while. :frowning:



This week, I’m going to make it my mission to find out!! LOL! They are probably just holding out on me and giving the good stuff to people they like — and that is not me :wink:


Do let us know. :smile:


yes, if they in fact have fish dumplings, then i’m so fucking there art least once every fucking week.


Yeah, still WAY too much for me.

But still pretty good and like you JL, it took a bit, but they warned me when I ordered. Besides people watching in the food court is hilarious. Since more and more people are coming over from Silicon Beach and Nordstrom Rack and Macys allow dogs, someone was at Chipotle ordering with their largish beagle mix. :confused:

All in all it was as good as I remember, the beef was good, the pancake good, the greens plentiful. Just way too much for a singular ‘lunch’. I also orderd one of their popular bobas. Boba was not bad, but as usual, the tea was TOO sweet. Ugh… Rewts has spoiled me.



dommy, any fish dumpllings ?>???