The Beef Roll from 101 Noodle Express at Westfield Culver City


Sorry! I forgot to mention. NO FISH DUMPLINGS. Ugh. They replaced them with Veggie dumplings. :stuck_out_tongue:



Damn chlorophyll.


gosh that looks like 2 and 1/2 burritos worth!


Glad to know I wasn’t nuts. thanks for finding out. I’ve had a hard time getting over there this week.


Fisheye distortion. Big, but not overwhelmingly so. :wink:


I know the camera adds ten lbs


Much better to go to 101 with another person. Split the beef roll which is 3 pieces per person, split an order of dumplings which is like what 5 or 6 per person and for big eaters, split an order of lamb skewers which is 2 skewers each. Hossing down an entire beef roll would be too much even for me.


Let’s do it




Looks good.


Oh shit, I just remembered @TonyC said that the Alhambra location was closed down. Yelp says that it’s not reopening until the end of this month.


Weekend ???


Sure, at the Irvine location.


Can always do pie house but maybe something new for me

Something Chinese sounds good. I need to get my unusual and spicier food on the fly for another few months.


haven’t been there in a minute…website got my juices flowing


Sounds good or perhaps dim sum.


U pick

Dim Sum at J Zhou

Highly recommend dim sum at JZhou in Irvine.

Just came from there. The seafood dumplings with sea cucumber in ham broth is killer good. Maybe one of the best dim sum items in town and that includes LA.


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