The Beef Roll from 101 Noodle Express at Westfield Culver City


Skip 101 Noodle, but def go to the mall. The Hello Kitty truck is in the parking lot this weekend. Petite fours. So kwaii.


That’s part of the plan – I have a 12yo daughter who adores Hello Kitty. We missed the truck when it was out in Valencia a while back, so we’re going to catch it in Culver City hopefully!


Without question. If you want a beef roll… go down to ROC in Playa Vista. It’s not the greasy monster this was, but it scratches that itch. IF you happen to be at the mall, my new favorite place is Azabu Sabo for Inexpensive Japanese Combo Plates…


Without question. If you want a really good beef roll… go to Northern Cafe in Westwood.

As stated above: They don’t even offer the beef roll anymore at 101 Noodle at Westfield Culver City.


I’m in agreement with everyone else, and I’m still sad about it. That beef roll was the golden egg.

But nothing bang-bangs with the Hello Kitty petite fours quite like a Pizookie at BJ’s :sunglasses:


– True… but sadly Westwood is still too far for me for a regular lunch stop. Plus ROC takes online orders for pick up. I didn’t expect to go at all, but it’s actually been a nice option to have…


Really? I had it once and have virtually no memory of it (which means it must have been at least fine). I will never forget the first bite of the beef roll I had at the 101 Noodle Express in Alhambra (San Gabriel?)… ::sigh::


Maybe there should be a thread dedicated to first 101 Noodle beef roll memories :laughing: I’ll never forget my first time either :grin:


My first time sucked. Didn’t know what I was doing, couldn’t appreciate it, it was over before I knew.

Subsequent times, I was able to savor and enjoy it much better. So yes, I recommend trying the beef roll the first time with someone more experienced. :wink::yum::smiley:


The first time I (we) went, the lady working the front was in a heated discussion with the woman working the counter. On and on, throwing verbal bombs at each other, back and forth, while each continued to work.

We (were) sat down at a table, where the front woman - still throwing verbal fire at the kitchen lady, threw the menus at the table.

She returned a few minutes later with utensils. She raised her hands above our table, and like a WWII bomber, she dropped all the utencils from about two feet above the surface and walked away, all the while still shouting it out with the kitchen lady.

As the food arrived, dishes slid across our table as the front woman barely stopped as she delivered our orders. The food itself was fine - props to the kitchen lady. The service? Memorable.


Hey, don’t we all want AUTHENTIC Chinese food experiences? Well, there you have it.


That’s pretty much what we said. Where the Hell else can one get this? This experience established a baseline. So the service just about everywhere else has been relatively excellent. :grin:


My standards are clean and attentive. You hit those and anything else is a bonus. In some ways, I prefer this type of service over the smarmy, kneel at your table, hi my name is…type of service.

I treat wait staff politely and respectfully, tip well for even decent service, above 20% for better service, but no I don’t want to be your friend, I don’t need to have a conversation about how both our day is going, etc.


Boy, you’re going to have a hard time at so many great Chinese spots.


Clean and attentive to MPK standards since I did grow up there. So yeah, my bar is pretty low :rofl:


Isn’t that sort of like saying “I want to marry a virgin, by porn industry standards”


At the risk of sounding crass, it’s more like wifing up the skilled porn star who now won’t work with men.


I’m a gonna need a courtroom drawing of this to understand…