The Best Korean BBQ in LA: Park's BBQ vs. Gwang Yang BBQ [Thoughts + Pics]


Hi @tailbacku,

There is no translation on Park’s menu that says it’s “rib eye” so I guess if you found out from the restaurant then that’s different. I’m just working off the menu names. In both places, our Korean servers repeated our orders calling it “Ggot Sal” when we ordered it.

If they are different, sure, it might be different comparisons but it’s the closest correlation between both places. And regardless, for the offerings we tried, Gwang Yang was just our preferred favorite, Ggot Sal, Galbi and Bulgogi (and Rib Eye Steak).


I could be totally wrong on this, but AFAIK, ggot sal is not an actual name of a cut of beef like chadol or galbi, rather something Park’s bbq made up because of the way they plate the cut to make it look like a flower (ggot means flower and sal means meat/flesh) on the plate w/ the rich marbling of the beef. That’s why you don’t really see “ggot sal” on other kbbq menus.

I realize this is besides the point and your main point was that you enjoyed GY better and that’s well noted.


Googling 꽃살, it’s not something Park’s made up, but I’m not sure it’s a specific cut rather just exceptionally heavily marbled wagyu.


Parks marinaded galbi is tops in the city for me. My last visit, it was so savory and tender and significantly more memorable than GY.