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Re: Succotash, Edward Lee’s new D.C. restaurant.

Be wary of those Korean flavors. :smirk:


Yup those dang Korean flavors will up and bite you if you don’t watch out :roll_eyes::joy:


Based on the poster’s name, it really doesn’t cost anything to be …





Zero friends? Imagine that.




Yelp is a land mine almost by definition. My daughter owns a craft beer bar that has 4 1/2 stars with 161 reviews. A few weeks ago someone gave them one star because they didn’t like that half the 30 beers on draft were IPAs, because there are lots of brewery signs on the walls, and because the menu is on monitors and scrolls through three pages because it’s 30 items. They said the beer was “bad” but no specifics other than that they apparently don’t like IPAs. Nothing about bad all. Oh, and ONE beer they’d seen at a super market.

That’s probably all pretty tame compared to most of what gets posted in this thread but it’s still a head-shaker. She doesn’t respond to the very few low star reviews they get. Just keeps doing and more business with happy customers.


Online reviews are a land mine almost by definition


My wife runs a non-profit corgi rescue, and we STILL had to disable facebook reviews.


:+1: :+1: :+1:


Ok, so IMHO Noah’s Bagels may as well be serving white bread with a hole cut in it. But THIS statement from an obvious {cough} bagel connoisseur, is too hilarious…

I don’t think it describes Noah’s at all, if it did, I’d probably be eating there.


I LOVE reading your comment! We were just in the SFBA and saw Noah’s Bagels. Passed it up as we’re kinda (!) snobs and just love (and bring back) NYC bagels.


So tempted to write a review saying “The dogs could not be of high quality because they do not charge enough for them.”



I eat non-profit rescue corgis, and no one will accommodate me in L.A.


Well, Susan Z. has a point. I think it’s reasonable to ask that the restaurant leave a non-vegan component off the plate - how hard is that?


It always makes me think the food was made and plated ahead of time.


Ah, yes. Reminds me of my last trip to Applebee’s, during which I asked that my triple-layer omelet (cheese, ham and cheese, mushroom and cheese) be made without ham. No can do, said the server. The omelets are pre-cooked, and we just microwave 'em. This was pre-Yelp, so Applebee’s dodged a bullet, there.


I really want you to tell me you’re joking.


And I really want to tell you I’m joking. But I’m not.