The Best of Yelp


I might get crap on here from using Yelp, but I do and I would dare say, as great as this site and its predecessor are, Yelp is a greater resource.

Caveat: I wouldn’t be able to use Yelp that effectively as a resource were it not for the knowledge I gained from this community.

But I feel like anyone who doesn’t use Yelp is either a hopeless contrarian/snob, or… well maybe just that.

Yelp gives you pictures. I know you can’t taste pictures, but they’re worth more than the metaphorical 1000 words when it comes to food.

I don’t write or generally read reviews. But if a restaurant looks good in the pictures, and the reviews say it’s bad, you can see if there’s a general theme to the bad reviews that might be helpful. When everyone giving a place bad reviews say it’s because of the service, maybe I’ll order take out. At the very least, it suggests that the food is good because nobody complains about that. But generally, reviews don’t correlate well to quality. You have to know that about Yelp. I think anyone posting here is in the 5th percentile of people on the scale of being qualified to review food. One should take heed from the common denominator with caution.

At the end of the day, they compile the location, menu, and honest pictures of the food of damn near every place to eat in town. I’ve had a couple gems so hidden they weren’t even on Yelp yet. They have never remained that way for long.


Delivery. Nuff said


Yelp gets you to the restaurant. Your on your own after being seated to your table gazing at the plates of food served to the other patrons. Thinking ,wtf , or ,looks good.


Lots of us here use yelp at one level or another. I get a considerable amount of 411 (for example hours of operation, physical address, website link, and such) from yelp.


Yup. I also find the bookmarking feature extremely useful.


There is nothing better than yelp for “search restaurants within walking distance”, “$ or $$”, “open now”


Can’t believe I forgot that. That’s probably the most useful feature about it!


Sounds like I’ll have to give the Kung Pao chicken a try. Thanks, Cheryl M.!


Huangcheng Noodle House
734 Webster St.
Oakland, CA




to save y’all the googling, it was majordomo.


Reviewers like that make me mad.


can’t wait for the felony tiki cups for $950.01.


Amateurs. My friend stole an entire sake set. Just reporting, not supporting.


So the customer thought it’d be cool to steal from an establishment, and then gave the restaurant a two-star rating because the management prevented the customer from doing so?


Nailed it


So he’s yelping?


Could be a she. #its2018youknow


Yikes! I can’t believe I committed that faux pas!!! So un-me :slight_smile:


Don’t know where this was, but almost all of the tiki bars or restaurants sell their mugs. They are usually $20 to $80 tops.


that same person…