The Best of Yelp


What trash. Apparently, some people don’t have enough to do in the world, but make trouble.


I think it’s not so much why this person is helping, but why this person is ON yelp. :wink:


Lengthy but fun read


Ahh good ol’ people of vegas


Nope! Lady from good ol’ Flemington, NJ!


New Jersey makes more sense. The people of Vegas are awesome. :slight_smile:



This person has serious problems.


Oh my.


The soup Nazi’s opinion might have been tainted by the smell from the MAGA cap that he’s been sporting nonstop since 2016.


Just read his blog


Oh. Yikes. I know that poster from the old chowhound days.

Classic case of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.


Care to name names???


uhockey on CH


The prolific uhockey! What’s wrong with his review? Might be a bit harsh but at least he’s not complaining about not being able to repeatedly bring in drinks from outside.


Seems appropriate


Verbal diarrhea, vis-a-vis absence of proper punctuation, is always wrong.


Oh yeah, I remember this cat from Chowhound. Dude is supposedly a doctor. He must have ACED the science portions of the exam, 'cuz his writing skills are atrocious. And, despite that, he still somehow gained admission to med school.

Also, uhockey is the only reviewer I know to openly defy Chef Jordan Kahn’s polite request to not take any photos at Verpertine back when it first opened.


I honestly thought when I read it that this person had no idea whatsoever about pho. I guess I missed something with all the verbiage.


I thought we were only focusing on the content of the reviews. :joy: