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i don’t know what spiritually invasive jewelry is.


i dink only two types of mock meat. syco and bocas



The entire yelp page is a gold mine. I couldn’t take screenshots of them all.


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Muracci’s Berkeley

1.0 star rating

Everytime Ive asked for extra curry and extra rice they lie straight to my face and do not give me extra curry or extra rice. Ivr had to ask and say is this extra and sometimes I muster the effort to point this out but I dont want to say it all the time. It gets annoying and embarasing for both parties.

Honestly the curry is nice and okay, but this isnt worth it. This is my 5th time getting shorted and I can not, in good faith, recommend this place if they cant even fulfill my order


Sushi of Gari


Because the sushi rolls in Japan are humongous, I tell you!


The presumptuousness of some people…I’ve seen it in line, too - some people think they can just ask for more, for free, and they get pissed when they simply get exactly what they paid for. Unbelievable.



Two rolls for two people and you expect to be full ?


Just musing about the type of people who go into Sushi of Gari and order california rolls. And then to remark about her trip to Japan as a basis for her sushi experience after ordering said california rolls.

But to be fair, that’s on Sushi of Gari for not having the balls to not make california rolls.



No comment


Trump voters? That is slander, pure and simple. And besides, voting is private.


I wouldn’t post about this but I wouldn’t patronize the restaurant. My money (increasingly) talks.


Is it libel if it’s true? Not that I would know or get into these politics on a food board, but if it’s true I’d bet it would change the dining habits of a few Westside diners.


Yes, it would. But are you really going to trust Yelp for that kind of information? It reminds me of people postimg about how terrible their experience was, then adding that they got food poisoning, almost as an afterthought.


And, of course, we all know that “food poisoning” is a very broad and sometimes silly ‘thing.’


I think people throw it in a lot of times just because a simple bad review isn’t good enough.


No. I don’t trust Yelp for this kind of information. I trust Yelp for pictures and business hours and even those I view with some skepticism.
Owners are in a catch-22 here because refuting the information alienates a whole other group of people. I also think it’s less likely a group of owners all voted the same way.
But when you called it libel I wasn’t sure if you were saying you knew the claim to be false or not. I’m just looking around to see if anyone has the skinny. DEFINITELY do not want to engage in the merits of the boycott, etc. I’m just curious about the story.