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dunno. but eaterLA did a blurb on this earlier today:


Interesting. Kind of a nutty situation all around.
Freelance food writers don’t usually do solid investigative journalism. The Eater article is written strangely and is omitting enough information as to not be useful in helping a reader track the story themselves.
Anyways, I’m betting #burntcrustgate is a much bigger scandal for Lodge.


This is kind of cool, actually. :slight_smile:


a perfect 5/7


Review of Coco’s Bakery on Colorado at Michillinda.


“Racist” has to be the most overused derogatory of the moment. Everyone is hating and hated all at the same time. You prefer cats over dogs? Sorry to tell you @ElsieDee - racist! :wink:


Naw, that’s speciesism - a whole other issue. :wink:

(For the record, speciesism is actually something I spend far too much time [or not enough time - the jury is still deliberating] mulling over: I spend a lot of time caring for animals, and the omnivores, insectivores, and carnivores all need to consume other animals in order to live. Ugh.)

But back to the topic and the Yelp one star review: it pretty much sums up why I refuse to give credence to the star rating system, while freely admitting I use the site to find addresses and such. I do have an account but haven’t used it in years and can’t recall the email it’s associated with. I would have flagged this review if I could be bothered to figure out my login info.



How do these people even end up at the establishment?

Isn’t it obvious when you’re not part of the class of people who frequents an establishment?..


Yes, I agree @JulianKizmati @Asthete aka Micah. Such a shame of mixing classes.


According to my (late) oh-so-Southern mother (and I quote) “if you use the word ‘class’ it means you don’t have any.”


‘F*** you and f*** yelp you stupid f*ing f’.
The Shibumi worker sounds like a member of the mafia.


Obviously written by an X-er. But since I am one I :heart: it.


One guess as to which LA restaurant this Yelp review is about…

“For some reviews, a new word precipitates; exactified. An experience of optimum potential execution at the exact right time in our expanding universe, sitting within our multiverse, just inside of our omniverse acting out its highly diverse functions and completing its myriad tasks.”


Does it have its own gravity?


Are you kidding?I feel like I know who wrote it!


“Ground Control to Major Tom,
Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong.
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you hear me, Major Tom?”

:roll_eyes: :flushed:

The cringe…


I’m not very familiar with the LA dining scene (the last place I ate there was Wa, and that was years ago). Is this an actual restaurant, or some sort of elaborate joke? I read the About section on its website, and that it “is a place of cognitive dissonance that defies categorization” is patently untrue. I have no trouble categorizing it. And not very kindly. We have New Nordic temples in NYC, too, but they’re a little less…strenuous.


Vespertine is a real place; it just opened. I won’t shit on the place because I haven’t been, nor do I think that I will go, because the place seems very different than what I look for in a dining experience. Also, it’s someone’s dream and business, and I’m sure that there’s an audience for it. I’m probably not in that intended audience, which is fine - I’ll chalk it up to a difference in styles. They’ve clearly put a lot of effort into it, and in that regard, I wish them the best. Who knows, maybe their marketing department is misrepresenting the place, but from what I can tell, it’s not somewhere I’d probably like. Some people loved Red Medicine; I really, really didn’t like my meal there. Maybe Vespertine is a different animal altogether, but I’m not really curious to find out. Again, I’m sure there are people who will probably really like it.

I’m just reacting to the Yelp review. I can’t tell if it’s parodying the restaurant’s promotion, but it seems very try-hard. Maybe the humor is lost on me. Anyway, it reminds me of why I personally don’t like to read Yelp reviews. I probably shouldn’t have entered this thread…


I can’t tell, either. The misused semi-colon makes me think the review is in earnest. Yet the inclusion of “iron waffle” rather than “waffle iron” causes me to doubt my assessment. Or not! So mysterious.