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What a doozy! The FOH sounded like they handled this just fine.


And somewhere, 2 young girls, probably no older than mid 20’s, quietly exchange a glance that says “We did the right thing.”


what restaurant is she talking about? i cant seem to tell




ahh, thanks! i had a feeling it was Felix.


That’s pretty amazing! If she’s really in the food industry how does she expect to get into a very popular restaurant with out a reservation on a Saturday night? And then not understand that just because a tables empty it doesn’t mean their is not a reservation attached to it.


It’s called white privilege


It’s called “entitlement”, and it’s not unique to white people.


Thanks for saying that. I’m one of the whitest people I know :slight_smile: and that would be anathema to me.




As an associate of mine used to say: “Fuck me dead.”



my childhood was based on lies!



That’s funny. I’ve always found the Destroyer staff helpful when I’m irresponsible and lose my things. Like when my sunglasses are on my head, yet I can’t find them anywhere.


I couldn’t stop myself.


Oh, that is so evil!


Diabolical! I love it.



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