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I can’t even imagine the weirdness that is this person’s mind.

(Review of Westchester Farmers’ Market.)


Because rules obviously don’t apply to some people.





I couldn’t stop myself.

(Stinking Rose steak rave)

Keith, is that you?


I wonder how many of all these reviews are “robotic” (or should I say idiot bots)


After Bauer’s 1 star review of Morton’s some time ago, one could have almost believed this!


. Natto strikes again!


Rules like: Don’t call it a fur baby when it’s a full grown pit bull.



ouch, that was just mean.


Momofuku, NY





Now I know… Lyft to this place. Thanks Eunice.


Where is this one about? Vespertine?


I’d hate to see his reaction if something important happens!


I believe its about Dominique Ansel’s new place.


Oh wow…would not have guessed that. I can’t imagine how that review could be about Ansel. The crowd is about as normal as you can get, and the food is basically really straightforward French pastries…

I wonder what this person would think about a place like Vespertine?? O_O


Free valet parking. 5 stars.


Oops, I guess there was some confusion I was talking about the artsy-fartsy review

I don’t know how to quote it since it is an image haha