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Somebody’s lying! They have a vegan menu but the manager says they’re not vegan. Hmmm.


She was tearful? What would she do if she accidentally ate a puppy?


I know you’re just trying to be funny, but don’t underestimate the emotional element for some vegans / vegetarians. I recently witnessed a teenaged vegetarian brought to tears by the discovery that the French fries she had eaten were fried in duck fat (which was not noted on the menu).


This is a review of MTN right?


Yes, some people are emotional. I ate vegan for eight years, and mistakes happen. After eating vegan for a while, most people can definitely pick up meat and dairy products in the food; there’s a “thickness”, for want of a better word. Bonito flakes are also something that would be quickly noticed, due to the fishy flavor.

Of course, not everyone has the experience to taste properly, so I sympathize. A teenager I could understand being brought to tears, they’re sensitive (and moody) at that age, but a grown woman that overreacts that way, it makes me wonder if she is not a bit too sensitive and overly dramatic. Outbursts like that make people think vegans are awful and demanding and a pain.


All true. I’m far from a vegan or vegetarian, but I have an extreme dislike for fish and can always detect bonito flakes. Ditto anchovies.

I do want to know what restaurant that Yelp review is about. Something’s just fishy (pun intended) about having a separate vegan menu of items that aren’t in fact vegan.


That review was for MTN, they don’t claim to be vegan on their menu


I don’t think we can file this under “idiots who post on Yelp.” It sucks that this person was told her food was vegan when it wasn’t. I don’t eat meat on purpose, and while I woudn’t cry about it if I accidentally ate some, I wouldn’t like it. And the menu for MTN does look as if it contains a number of vegan dishes.


Ah ok. I definitely wouldn’t expect much at MTN to be vegan. But I would expect the servers to know the correct answers to that question. They certainly do at Gjelina, based on my couple of experiences dining there with vegans.


Are we assuming that the poster isn’t lying?




Why? I don’t know the restaurant but are they liars?


Hahaha the managers behavior is so idiosyncratic


Idk about liars, the food is exceptional, but the manager of the place is definitely an interesting choice of manager.

He smokes a tremendous amount of weed while working there, literally right outside the restaurant. He’s quite handsome, though, and often picks up young ladies dining there who leave with him lol

He must be very good friends with Lett and/or executives in the restaurant group because I’ve never seen a restaurant manager like that in a place of MTN’s caliber.

It kind of goes with the fact that everyone working there is an ultra hipster who is much cooler than the average diner… but it’s still rather hilarious.

If the manager is openly doing drugs while working I doubt it’s a stretch to say the other employees are high, so I would believe one of them told some random person there was a vegan menu and then the manager, who does not care about patrons really at all, was just brutally honest to them lol I imagine he found it quite amusing


The “manager


Thanks for elaborating. Now THAT makes sense.


That makes way too much sense hahaha


Exactly. It’s not like the poster assumed the food was vegan – she asked, and was told it was vegan. Sounds like the staff either doesn’t know what vegan means, or just doesn’t give a shit. If it were me, I’d be pissed too.