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Obviously didn’t get the steer’s opinion…


all those opposed to eating horse meat say neigh


Foal sure.


I had donkey sausage in Germany grilled buy a family in a backyard party. It was a fantastic sausage. Horse meat for sure.


Ooh, where can you get horse in LA??


Here’s some background.



Dear god.






I don’t get it. I’ve never been to Sugarfish, but if people like it, what’s the problem? The review said Shunji was “good, solid sushi” but they were disappointed the inventive dishes weren’t served at lunch. Sounds pretty truthful to me. This person wanted something different than fish on rice, and did not get that during their lunch.

Food doesn’t have to be 100% authentic to its origins to be good. If that were the case, many of the restaurants that people like shouldn’t even be in business because they serve updated versions of old dishes, fusion versions, and have restaurants serving foods from different cultures under one roof.

It’s good to appreciate good food, regardless of its origins, the chef who made it, and its cultural accuracy. It’s bad to be a snob about it.


You’re talking to someone that thinks grab 'n go sushi is one of the best inventions ever. I wasn’t being snobby.

If the guy had said he prefers Nobu to Shunji, I would have understood the preference for “inventive” dishes. I love Nobu, and I really like Shunji. But Sugarfish doesn’t strike me as being in the same category, so it seems an odd comparison.


That’s a bold strategy cotton, let’s see if it pays off.

“I’ve threatened many people on the internet who have never been to my restaurant,” he said, adding, “I see nothing wrong in telling someone I believe to be a troll to fuck off.”


I saw a preview for a story on the local NBC4 affiliate a couple of days ago similarly related to this. Companies who create false negative reviews about establishments without ever have visiting.


There’s money to be made with such behavior, especially for people who have established Yelp accounts, etc. and are willing to post such reviews (especially negative ones - the more detailed, the better).

Periodically ads popup on Craigslist looking for “established” reviewers - higher prices paid for well-fleshed out history, with a range of reviews and consistent voice, and a willingness to lie.


Okay, so how many of us just thought, “WOW - why am I wasting my time here?” :grin:


I don’t get this bullshit. You know there’s a line. You know there’s crazy demand. You say that everything is great…and then you take away a star because you had to wait…knowing very damn well that you were going to have to wait when you got there. That’s just f@(&ing stupid on so many levels. People seriously bitch way too much.
While I have yet to hit up Howlin’ Rays, I’m not about to bitch about waiting…that’s just a given. You either want the chicken or you don’t.


who takes a picture like this in 2017 and then uploads it to yelp? C’MON PEOPLE. Old disposable cameras that are then scanned using a scanner from 1999 produces higher quality pictures than this.


Actually, if you’re not from the area and you hit up chinatown and search for “closest restaurant” and filter by $ + walkable + “open now”, you may not realize howling rays will be a 3 hour commitment.

In other words, if you know about HR and are going to HR you know there will be a line. But if you actually use Yelp to discover HR, you do NOT know that there will be a line, so reviews like that are incredibly helpful.


Touché…I probably don’t know anyone who doesn’t know about or hasn’t heard about Howlin’ Ray’s.
Probably skews my perception, but note that the author willingly arrived at 8:30AM well ahead of the 10AM opening time. I feel that they clearly knew that there was going to be a wait, and the deduction of one star for said wait is petty.


Oh don’t get me wrong, that author definitely knew what they were getting into and I can see your point regarding the star deduction. But that review is still helpful to others.