The Crispiest Chicharrón I've ever had


I damn near broke a tooth. These are the Tacos De Lechón at Chichen Itza. They are only a buck fifty each.


Nice! I’ve never seen them done that way. Must try.


What’s the proper (or practical) way to eat this taco? Exploding shards of pig skin is like edible shrapnel.


It split cleanly when I bit into it with my front teeth but grinding it up with my molars was a chore.


Thanks @Mattapoisett_in_LA! :smile:

I was super excited to try it until you started talking about almost breaking a tooth and working your molars! LOL.

Was the pork underneath the Chicharron… their famous Cochinita Pibil?


No, it is their Lechón which is only available on weekends. Go, eat, and enjoy.


Is this a new way of serving? Every time we’ve had that there, the chicharon was crumbled up and sprinkled on top.


Their regular chicharron tacos are amazing, and no post meal trip to the dentist.


I ordered at the counter and this is what was delivered to me.


Interesting. Haven’t been there is a while. Wonder why they changed it up.