The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread


Sharing good is not necessary at the moment. Indulge, young man. Go forth and enjoy. That looks so f-in’ yummy.:+1:


Pizza, in Three Steps.

  1. Order cheese pizza delivery. Realize the cheese/sauce is a fused 2 millimeter layer.

  2. Decide this situation requires you to finally break the seal on the imported, expensive, aged mozzarella you had been saving. Add slices of said cheese and cook in toaster oven.

  3. Add home-made kimchee.


Yesterday I smashed through a bacon cheeseburger, blue crab handroll, half an order of mix tempura, some miso soup, salad, croquette, half a yellowtail collar, and scallop nigiri.



Wow! Did you run in Bay to Breakers yesterday and were real hungry?


We found a solution - get 1 small, add an extra scoop of coconut ice cream for the paltry price of 75 cents. Easily the best shave ice related item I’ve ever had.


Channeled my inner @PorkyBelly. Banged banged @ McD afterwards w/ 2 vanilla cones.


DUI Fries (chili cheese fries with pastrami and carne asada) from Dino’s Pico location.


Holy (no) guacamole!? That’s some serious stoner feast food. :fearful::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Can’t … look! Arteries … clogging!!! Send … help!!!


There’s not even cilantro/onion to cut it. Jesus Christ.


Only an FTCer would miss such things - even while buzzed.


We really should add “hungover” to the title of this thread. Here is a perfect breakfast. :tropical_drink::bikini::tropical_drink:


I agree. What is that?


Have you revealed a worthy rival to the chicken special at Dino’s? Do you have them add some of that addictive chicken sauce/marinade to that??


Nah, not even close to the chicken. This is like a once a year type thing.

I didn’t get chicken sauce on these fries, but I did ask for “extra juice” for the chicken & fries which I also ordered that day. :yum:


Do not underestimate how rad these are.



Don’t forget the hot sauce, chulo!



[quote=“Bigmouth, post:106, topic:4279”]
The funny thing is they’re probably more textured vegetable protein than meat at this point. I wish JITB would just lean into it and make the tacos completely vegetarian. They’d attract quite a few vegetarian customers and most meat eaters probably wouldn’t even notice the difference.
[/quote]So true! For years I thought they were actually just bean and soy and that JITB were forward thinkers. :woman_shrugging:


[quote=“Bookwich, post:119, topic:4279”]
I did not know food like this could taste good
[/quote]Oh no. Don’t do it. I like that you haven’t crossed over to the dark side of fried foodland.