The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread


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Protip: don’t get the Bubbies mochies sitting in the mochi bar @whole foods.
[/quote]Yep. I was staring at them for a long time the other day while waiting for my beatnik juice. But learned my lesson a long time ago with their macarons… tastes like refrigerator.


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Back for a moment to the White Castle discussion, the only way to make the frozen ones edible is to wrap in a paper towel and microwave for 15 seconds or so, unwrap and remove the buns from the patty, place the buns in a toaster oven, for 45-60 seconds, and while you’re doing that, microwave the patty for another 30 seconds or so.
[/quote]You’re like the America’s Test Kitchen of fast food.


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National glaucoma day.
[/quote]It’s also Hitler’s Birthday.


… and score one more for Godwin’s Law


Oh, I’m sorry… didn’t realize it was an argument… I was noting an interesting fact.


Godwin’s Law simply says that any internet thread will increasingly be likely to incur the mention of Hitler as its length increases.

I offer up Mr. Hilter, for your perusal…


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[/quote]…or oversimplifying.


Geez, I come to the site to read about food while eating peanut butter cups (I’ve earned this indulgence) and I end up down a Wiki-hole. On the other hand, I’ve brushed up my understanding of logical fallacies, learned about reductio ad Hitlerum, then onto the Straw Man Argument, with a diversion of Nixon and his Checkers Speech which then remindex me I needed to go look at reviews for an Eisenhower bio (I’m working my way through the 20th Cent presidents in no particular order) - and now the peanut butter cups have been consumed (though I want more) and these last few comments are all I’ve read on the board this session.

This is not me complaining - I’m actually quite pleased, so thank you. :laughing:


She already knows this, but I am publicly professing my love for @ElsieDee.


A glance at JITB’s ingredients list will disabuse you of that notion tout suite. Unless you consider heavily engineered factory food to be forward-thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I love those tacos, and the jalapeno poppers, as a once-in-a-while treat.

For your convenience, if you’re curious:

Tacos are on page 15 (surprisingly, beef is the first ingredient); sauce is on page 9. Poppers on page 14. Thanks to Ns1 (IIRC) for that tip about dipping the tacos in ranch dressing (page 12)



The “forward thinkers” was a little tongue-in-cheek. I didn’t think they were health food. I just thought it was interesting JITB tacos were meatless :grin:. Others thought they were too. I even recommended them to my vegetarian sister… Ooops. This was years ago and I have since discovered otherwise. But I am still shocked that the first 2 ingredients are meat! I figured like @Bigmouth they were mostly a soy product (another processed food, but another conversation). I’m also surprised they don’t contain beans which is what they taste like. Baffling.



thanks, now I want JITB tacos but I can’t eat them in good faith before 11pm.


Since we’re on the Drunk, Stoned and Hungry thread and on the subject of Jack in the Box :blush: It really is the perfect drunk or hungover food.

I like the Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, but along with american cheese I have them add spicy nacho cheese sauce (sometimes jalapeños). And I’m not a big burger eater, especially not fast food, but I was surprised at the f-ing yumminess of the Ultimate Bacon Cheesebuger d.h. gets. It could be because they’re eaten when drunk, stoned and hungry though. After Chappaquiddicks at Luna Park (now closed) we’d walk thru the alley to JITB before trekking home.

Ahhh… memories.


We had a few errands this morning that we needed to get done quickly, get home, have some stuff delivered. So we stopped at Taco Bell and got their soft, sausage taco. It was terrific! Plenty of egg and meat and the tortilla appeared to have been put in a press or on a grill and pressed. Had a little crunch to it. Barely over a dollar. We’ll be back. PS: Lake Tahoe has almost no FF joints.


You really should be vaping anyway. :wink:


LOL. I’ve been meaning to ask someone so maybe you know. Can one vape pot? July 1 is just around the corner!


Yes, but do be careful and do your research as to what brands you purchase. Since the market is highly unregulated some of the companies (mj and juice) put chemicals in that cause popcorn lung.


You mean this?


Thanks for that. I know nothing whatsoever about vaping so this helps.


Oh my yes!

Better yet, stick with the real thing! There are many excellent portable vapes on the market that let you use plant matter.