The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread


I would agree with @Bigmouth

Quite a few of my friends recommend this vape.


There’s an app


Well now, this is really getting interesting.


Why vape when you can suck a lollipop instead? :lollipop:


I don’t prefer edible. Tried it last year in some fabulous dark chocolate.


but plant matter doesn’t test at 70% THC.


Does anyone hope their boss isn’t on FTC?


Some women are built for comfort, some for speed. You are definitely built for fun… and apparently a closer too.


After prop64 passed I stopped caring.


I’m retired :slight_smile:


I vaped often with my old boss lol!


I just closed my construction business today after 35 years. Yippee I am having a beer. :sunglasses:


Congrats to you! Looks like all the local breweries are gonna need to add a new stool for you!


Congratulations @Emglow101! Exhale! …Or inhale.


To keep it FTC-ish, what beer are you having? Lots of breweries in your fair town.


I am drinking a Hamm’s at the moment getting ready to go to Discretion Brewery for a uncle Dave’s ipa then headed over to New Bohemia Brewery


I was going to suggest more than one celebratory beer. And a car service to get home? Sincere congratulations. My fave thing about retirement is making a cup of coffee and sitting down and drinking the whole dang thing :slight_smile:


you’re too funny!


Brass Knuckle.

It’s the only brand we carry.

Sells faster than ice cubes in Death Valley in August.


Their website appears to be ‘gone.’ ???