The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread


The stuff nightmares are made of :fearful:.


Sweet chili chicken quesanomnomnomnom…




A giant pan of Stoffers frozen lasagna. My drunk, stoned guy friends think I’m a genius.

Go Los Doyers! :baseball:️:baseball:️:baseball:️


LOL!! Smart and Final FTW!


We like their white vegetable lasagna too. We always have a family size Stouffer’s lasagna in our freezer for nights I don’t feel like cooking.


[quote=“boogiebaby, post:48, topic:4279”]
We like their white vegetable lasagna too.
[/quote]LOL… I haven’t thought about that one in years. My aunt who was a great cook would always cheat with S&F’s White Lasagna for parties. It really is delicious. All the guests would rave about it. Since she was a great cook they assumed it was homemade… hehehe.




I was smart enough to pick up some extra croissants when I was in Beverly Hills today. Popped them in my toaster oven at 250 degrees for 5 minutes. Perfect way to offset some wine I’d been drinking on an empty stomach.


Huitlacoche taco and chicken mole taco

I love my Uber driver for taking La Brea on his way to deposit me home from the Hollywood Hills at 1 a.m. He said there were lots of taco trucks that way, and then he stopped at the Huitlacoche truck for me. How nice is that?


Hi @Bookwich,

How was the flavor of the Huitlacoche Taco? Thanks.


It was kind of a letdown, I’ve had huitlacoche before and it has a dark woodsy mushroomy flavor, but they were sparing with the amount they put on, so you couldn’t really taste it.

The mole was great, though! The drunk guy in the photo recommended it.


Leftover medianoche sandwich platter from Porto’s that I pressed crisp and a cocktail with leftover booze from yesterday’s party. Well deserved after a weekend hosting my in-laws.


Bummer. Get thee to the Grande Dame of huitlacoche carts, Alejandra’s cart, just south of Sunset, on Echo Park Bl (between the lake and Sunset), to restore your faith in the corn smut.


[quote=“J_L, post:56, topic:4279”]
to restore your faith in the corn smut.
[/quote]I am so afraid of this. People say “earthy”. Like peat moss earthy :sweat: or mushroom earthy :yum:?


Trust the smut.
It tastes of the earth. Much like truffles.
Pair it with chicharron in your quesadilla.
It’s an essential LA dish.


There’s that “earth” word again. That means dirt. But the word “truffle” I can get my mind around :yum:. Chicharrones too? Can’t I start off slowly?



Standing ovation!!! Dreaming of the strippers dancing to this song while Tacos to Madre serves up huitlacoche hard shell tacos - I gotta get that phone pay app!


Peat moss is smoky to me, earthy is a dirt-like scent/flavor. Unlike beets, which are minerally. :thinking: