The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread


It’s weird, people compare huitlacoche to truffles, but I don’t really like truffles at all…but I LOVE huitlacoche. There is something far more rich, savory, and luxurious about the stuff.


Maybe the texture? Anf the moisture content.



It lacks the…hmm…“waxy” flavor in truffles. I always vaguely feel like I am eating some type of plastic in an ostensible way when I have truffles… huitlacoche does not seem to have that same profile. That is the main difference I like personally.


Now I’m even more confused by everyone’s varying descriptions of huitlacoche and what earthy means to them. I’m enjoying it though :relaxed:. I guess I’ll just have to try it for my self. But I’ll insert the one word I’ve been avoiding… moldy. Do they taste moldy at all? Because they do seem to have the odd look of mold, and isn’t that part of their makeup? Moldy corn?

I agree that truffle, especially when cooked can have waxy/gummy texture. I do like the flavor of it though. I can’t explain it other than it tastes like an Italian sub smells :blush:.

But this following description is good enough for me.

[quote=“Aesthete, post:63, topic:4279”]
I LOVE huitlacoche. There is something far more rich, savory, and luxurious about the stuff.
[/quote]Your eating it in Mexico City was the first time I really paid attention the stuff.


This huitlacoche pasta at Maximo was better than any truffle pasta I have ever had.


For that matter, in the same meal, the house huitlacoche butter is maybe my favorite butter ever:

And huitlacoche soup too…this was the right amount of huitlacoche in a meal:


Not Howling Ray’s but it’ll do.


How to make drunk, stoned, tomato-kimchi soup:

~ Inspired by the best soup I ever ate, Nick Erven’s Tomato-Kimchi Soup at Erven in Santa Monica .


You are truly on a different level. Bravo.


Seriously, you are winning this thread. Are those arts and crafts scissors too?


Nice pot too. Where’s the obligatory bottle of hooch? :grin:


Drunk food, Roma-style. Ciao e pepe. All you need is to keep some good butter in the fridge, a pepper grinder, and some grated Parm in your freezer. Also imported pasta, and not that crap they make for the American market.


Shitty pic.

The Cheeseburger at Cassidy’s Bar and Grill in Newport Beach. Damn good classic cheeseburger! A little too much of the secret sauce. Got another order of cheeseburger and 2 more PBR’s (on tap!)


One of you should make this thing when drunk/stoned/hungry haha


Anyone with the ability to make that is not drunk or stoned enough.


That soup at Erven is pretty bomb!


Bourbon St, New Orleans, Louisiana

We weren’t sure what each sauce was, so we squirted a little of all of them… So drunk, not stoned, but very hungry.


Awww, you found your favorite food!


Haha @Bookwich. Yes. I had been on such a fried chicken and turkey binge before leaving L.A. (will update threads soon) that even I was sick of it and spent the last week eating sushi & raw stuff. But wait until you see my NOLA reports :grin:!


since there’s no White Castle out here, for me, no better drunk grub than 6-10 Jack In The Box tacos with 2 packets of hot sauce each and a side of stuffed jalapeños with ranch.

No photos… Don’t want to tempt you.