The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread


I have consumed more JnB tacos in my lifetime than I care to admit.

I also dip the tacos in ranch. Because I’m a savage.


Do you know that you can get WCB’s in the frozen food section of most groceries. I have a ‘technique’ for MWing them that make them quite good. Some mustard helps also.


Yes, and I do like them too. It’s just not the same as getting a dozen (or more) at the restaurant.

I get them at Smart & Final.


What is this technique? I found the frozen versions far superior to the real thing =X


Okay, now don’t tell anyone :slight_smile: Remove them from the plastic and wrap (two of them) in a paper towel. MW for 30 seconds. Unwrap, rotate, turn upside down, rewrap and MW 30 seconds. At that point I add a little mustard and MW ten more seconds. LOL if you will but that’s it for me. BTW, I grew up in Atlanta so this is my Krystal sub :slight_smile:


[quote=“Ns1, post:86, topic:4279”]
I found the frozen versions far superior to the real thing =X
[/quote]Interesting. I don’t think I’ve had either. Maybe I’ll get a couple boxes of the frozen ones. A good football party appetizer??


They are not good unless you have fond memories of growing up with white castle.


I think you’re being kind. The frozen WC are gross and borderline inedible.

My best friend was inducted into the WC Hall of Fame this year. We’ve eaten more WC than we’d care to admit growing up. They have a nice ceremony in Columbus, Ohio every year for the HoF inductees. I was unable to attend but it was surreal based on the pictures and stories.


Totally agree. Neither are great, but I used to keep them around for my son when he was about 5 (don’t judge). I ate more of them than I care to admit, and yes, they were better than what I had tried in their restaurants.


The bus stop I used to wait at to get home from high school (Queens, NY) was in front of a White Castle. WC burgers are barely “hamburgers” at all but certainly qualify as midnight “drunk, stoned” staples. I’ve tried the frozen ones a couple of times over the years, but wouldn’t suggest them as anything other that a bit of nostalgia. There are (AFIK) no WCs in California so finding them in the freezer case was a temptation I couldn’t resist. Probably could have tried harder but nobody was watching, so…


I’ve never had the restaurant ones, so I can’t compare, but we don’t think the frozen ones are horrible. They make for good snacks late at night when you need something to soak the alcohol up. And easy lunch for the kids to make on their own.


Started here, Tonga Hut North Hollywood

Finished here, Bob’s Big Boy Burbank


Q13 or Q12 on Northern and Bell in Bayside?


Not sure what Q12 and Q13 mean (bus lines?), but that was the corner. It was MANY years ago. I grew up in Little Neck and went to Bayside HS.


Some years ago while visiting NYC, we went to a WCB in Queens. Maybe the same one. This was after an Asian crawl through Flushing :slight_smile:


Holy crap!!! I just used Google Maps and it’s STILL there. That place has been there 60 years or more!!!


i went to the tonga hut once, but it was a long, long time ago.

given the sorta kinda tiki revival of the past half dozen years or so, how do the drinks
there hold up to other joints in town?

many thanks.


[quote=“aaqjr, post:89, topic:4279”]
They are not good unless you have fond memories of growing up with white castle.
[/quote]Thanks for the tip :relaxed:. I always imagine WC burgers to be like the school cafeteria hamburgers. The ones with the thin patties inside white buns that were kind of steamed and stuck to the burger. Now, maybe that was just my juvenile palate, but I kinda’ liked them.


JITB tacos used to be a guilty pleasure for me and my GF. However, ever since a friend referred to them as “dog food tacos”, GF won’t go near them – I guess she’s highly suggestible.


Pretty damn good actually. They are making a lot of their own syrups, etc. and bartenders are very knowledgeable.

Used to live nearby in the late 80s and it was truly a broken-down dive bar then. Fountains are running again, place looks great and still has that faint smell of 50+ years of cigarettes.

Comparable to Tiki Ti (although much larger)- have not been to the new Clifton’s yet.

Just got back from SF and Smuggler’s Cove, which is truly the church of Tiki bars, although the new Pagan Idol might give them a run for their money.