The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread


I once went through a drive-thru. After I ordered the tacos the voice asks if I want any sauces.

I said “yeah, can I have them with extra hot sauce?”

I got the bag and whomever made them, put extra taco sauce right in the taco.

Sigh – Such a great day.

I have tried several times to get them that way again to no avail.


Perfect “alcohol purgatory” (as in that nether in-between zone of being drunk and hungover) food for me is fried pickles and a grilled ham and cheese sandwich from Sonic.


Have you been to Pagan Idol? Place is incredible.


Count me among the Jack in the Box taco lovers. #YouAreNotAlone

The funny thing is they’re probably more textured vegetable protein than meat at this point. I wish JITB would just lean into it and make the tacos completely vegetarian. They’d attract quite a few vegetarian customers and most meat eaters probably wouldn’t even notice the difference.


Don’t feel like the lone rangers. Accordingly to an article in the Wall Street Journal today (originally posted by Mattapoisett_in_LA)

Americans Eat 554 Million Jack in the Box Tacos a Year, and No One Knows Why


stoned, drunk, and hungry. I’m good for a least 2/3 of those pre-requisites.


I was good for all three for 2/3 of my adult life… and yes, I do love me $0.99 worth of greezy ass tacos ever year or so.


Where’s this hotacoochie truck ?


those are disgusting.

del taco is much better.

even better is the Chili cheese fries with crinkle cutes.


especially on NYE


Yes, drinks excellent and stunning interior.

Unfortunately back room was closed for Rogue One after party, but manager let me in to have a look.


Bacon wrapped jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese on a bed of fries from Top Shelf Tacos in Carson.


that looks amazing.

reminds me of the torito…anyone got leads? this was from the old Mariscos El Teto’s truck in Sun Valley.


I’m trying to get a size perspective. Is that a jalapeno? Looks great.


This is what SGLA says:

Toritos are a street food item in Baja, usually a bacon wrapped chile guero(blonde), but here they use the neon green anaheim pepper. The bacon is loosely wrapped and stuffed with sautéed shrimp, well-seasoned, and the gooey Kraft single. This is not a choice of economics, but one of flavor. The torito is outrageously delicious.

It wasn’t massive, but it was heavy and filling.


I love Anaheims. I think I need to make some of these. Thanks.


I did not know food like this could taste good. I love my brother. He brought whiskey and snacks.


Hi @Bookwich,

Was this the first time you’ve ever had pork rinds? :slight_smile:


I think so. I may have tried a bite once from a cart one time, but it was really greasy and chewy, so I discreetly napkined it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The fresh ones they serve at Catal in Downtown Disney are quite fantastic.