The Drunk, Stoned, and Hungry thread


I’m not sure it’s something I will seek out again, but hey, maybe someday I’ll be tipsy and stoned in Anaheim and now I know where to go for a snack. :wink:


There are rinds, and there are rinds. I’ve tried many, but I’ve only been wowed once. Even the 4505 rinds that everyone raved about in SF were just so-so to me. So I look forward to trying the Catal and/or Cannibal ones next time I’m in L.A…

The ones that really wowed me were a (free!) AYCE app at Twin Smokers BBQ in Atlanta – slightly off-topic for this board.


Not sure if they still make them but Electric City Butcher at 4th St Market in Santa Ana used to make pork rinds on Sunday only. They took all of the skin from the pigs they butchered and made them on premises. They were fantastic, light airy, crunchy and well seasoned. Call ahead.


I buy fresh chicharrones at my Latino market, cut in thin strips, fry til crisp and make tacos. SO good.


This thread is listed “Los Angeles”, because I can’t figure out how to post general food topics that don’t involve cooking, shopping or complaining.

It’s always nice to know about drunk food in other places, like Atlanta.

I wonder what they eat in Bangkok for munchies?




I know what they eat in Taiwan after a few hits.


2 lbs of quality high fat butter infused with 60g of OG cannabis. 7-hour process (including blanching and decarboxylation). Making cookie dough batter to freeze and a few batches of brownies.



I never thought I would see that ever!

Please post the special brownies and cookies.


Real Formosan homies actually be looking for betel nuts. With accompanying betel nut beauty, of course.


Snoop Dogg in tha’ m-f’in houuuuuse…


In Northern Thailand we ate some bugs. And we also had some rat.


Yeah that’s right! KMT fo’ life, yo.


Seriously, I got too overwhelmed trying to order delivery, so I did a cupboard search.

The package says “Hayasi Rice Sauce” and an “1100 ml” water icon and an onion icon. I had onion, whole wheat spaghetti, ketchup and hotdogs.

Edit: Because curry and ketchup and hot dog spaghetti is Japanese, yeh?


Betel Nut Babes - on what floor at Mastro’s do they hang out, for Fuck’s sake!!!


I love the shit I learn on this forum.


i shan’t comment on the beauties, but that betel nut chewing is just fucking disgusting. it looks like people are spitting blood and its all over the damn sidewalk.

ive put a lot of weird shit in my mouth – and had a lot weirder shit come out of it – but was not even close to being tempted to try that.

what a earth we lives on.


When you stop on your way home for pizza, but can’t decide, so you take home one of each.

You’ve seen them all before; this one was a special. Mushrooms, Swiss chard, and chilies. Seriously spicy.

Did you know vegan honeycomb ice cream is the perfect thing while you wait for your pizzas to be ready? Now you do. :slight_smile:

Roberta’s Pop-up, Culver City
Llewelyn’s Ice Cream, Culver City


When you’re desperate for ice cream and the mochi skins are hard as rocks. Protip: don’t get the Bubbies mochies sitting in the mochi bar @whole foods.


I’ve a serious craving for these:

I’m thinking there has to be a way to incorporate booze into them. Right? Maybe in the cookie batter - er, the batter for the brownie-cookie part, not the cookie dough filling part, though that might be another option?

(Full disclosure: I’ve exchanged a couple emails with the blogger.)