The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Show Us Your Grocery Finds


Great haul.


One of my favorite places to shop - and now that the PetCo has closed and the TJ has moved (into the old Hows place at San Gabriel and Huntington), there’s an obscene amount of parking space.

But it’s also a sad looking corner with the Kohls on the other side of Rosemead having closed and Bella Italia has been torn down after the fire - looks like condos going in.

But Clearman’s is still open!


[quote=“ElsieDee, post:42, topic:4267”]
looks like condos going in.
[/quote]Of course there are. If it’s not condos it’s a mall and in some places it’s both… Ugh.


Okay, here is day 1. When they are ready, you get first bite. The “queen’s taster,” if you will. :skull_and_crossbones::innocent:


Okay. I’m next. I think I need to buy more salt first.


Okay, I’m next. I think I need to buy more salt first.


Okay, I feel better. You don’t know how many times I have brought home a find, flourished it out of my bag in triumph - and had my husband looked confused or concerned.

I then cooked with it and he liked it but, that moment of “What?”

I feel like a twist on – The Most Interesting Man in the World. “I don’t always buy bizarre food. Bu when I do, I buy it at discount.”


You’re hilarious!


I tipped the jar at some point (after a couple weeks, I date label my concoctions and remember when I switched shelves) and the liquid spilled out slowly all over my refrigerator. I busy when I noticed salty lemon juice dripping into the vegetable bins and refrigerator shelves, so I simply sat the jar upright, cleaned up the mess, and promptly forgot about the lemons until today 13 days later).

There’s no mold… more lemon juice and salt? Or do I have to do a do-over? :angry:


A top-off of lemon juice should be fine. You could add some salt I suppose but I think you’re okay.


Thanks for responding 2 weeks after my initial question. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They’re still sitting in the back of the fridge. Maybe I should check on them.


Not difficult or dangerous! I make mine with homegrown meyer lemons, which have a softer rind to begin with. I salt them at room temp for just a couple days, then put them into a mason jar, and refrigerate. I use them like that, and they don’t often last three months. There are many many traditional recipes using preserved lemons, such as chicken tajine with lemons and olives… Now that my meyer tree is bigger and producing well, I am using the preserved lemons in so many recipes… I add fine minced salted lemon to salad dressing, add to any caesar dressing recipe you may already like. Also, make a chunky paste of chopped preserved lemon,smashed garlic, olive oil and ground pepper, rub this both under and over the skin of a roasting chicken, yum. Julienne strips of preserved lemon, toasted and ground cumin , yogurt and cilantro, on grilled fish. I have made lemon shortbread with both fresh lemon zest and some very finely minced preserved lemon peel, it is a lovely salty sweet buttery shortbread thing… if someone asked me what has changed my cooking since I started a garden, it would be access to my own meyer lemons, and the sweet and the salted preserves I make from them,and second would be the homegrown marjoram and thyme…damn lucky to live in so cal!


THANK YOU!!! A couple of years ago I bought Meyer lemons from Costco, made preserved lemons and then honestly didn’t know what to do with them. If Costco still has them - lucky you! - I’ll get some more.


Wholes Foods, Lincoln Blvd., Venice


Don’t do it. Just don’t.


Wow! Is that unusual? Our WF is 100s of miles from the sea so our choices are limited.


Depends on the size/volume/neighborhood (in LA). I shop at the Playa Vista store most often (new planned community kinda near LAX), and they carry (barely) “live” urchins regularly. Smaller stores (Mar Vista) usually don’t. The store that this image is from - Venice - does gangbuster business, so they carry most “frivolous” items.


Ooh. Want.


Here’s a photo from La Boqueria in Barcelona.

Here’s the big picture.


You’re not the boss of me. :smirk: