The Madness that is Shake Shack - Is it an Expensive Fast Food Burger? A Cheaper Gourmet Burger? (vs. Golden State) - Review and Pics




Even though the price chart comparison is with a double-double.


In N Out is more exciting than Shake Shack.


Gotcha. I was just doing a little research, though, and it turns out the In N Out patties are actually only 2 oz each compared to 4 oz at Shake Shack. Never occurred to me until now there might be a difference. In N Out is still cheaper, but it’s not quite the ridiculous price gap I thought initially.


each additional patty is like 70 cents, so it’s still the same ridiculous price gap (+$6 vs +$8). Thus, footnote number 2 :wink:


I should’ve read the fine print!


Does anyone know if the lines at Shake Shack have died down since it’s been open for a bit now?


@President_Mochi Yes, the madness has died down. I went a while back ago, and walked right on in. It was about 9:30PM on a Thursday night.


11:30am on Saturday, walked straight in and to a register. A line formed but never looked longer than 10-15 min.


Thanks, @attran99 and @noddles! Appreciate the scoop and good news.

How did you like it? Thinking about stopping by in a week or so for dinner when I’m in the neighborhood for a show.


@President_Mochi I got the standard cheeseburger and felt that it was the beefiest fast food-style burger I’ve ever had. Pricing was not fast food-style. I enjoyed the crispy crinkle fries with the cheese sauce. My sister adores the chicken sandwich. I’m glad I tried it, but for the price, I’d rather hop over to Golden State.


Make sure you try a shroom burger. That plus a single shack burger makes for a perfect meal imo.


I was there last Saturday at about 2:30. Looked like 10 folks in line outside the door. But it still took about 1/2 hour to get to order because inside is a Disneyland style line. Got a shackburger and a chicken sand.

Chicken sand was great, but double price of chick-fil-a and not twice as good. Burger meat nicely charred but tiny for over $6.

The shakes were the only thing worth the line and price, IMHO.




I’ll dissent and say I found the chicknshack easily worth the premium over chick fil a. YMMV.


It was delicious. But It looked like they trimmed off the thinner part of the whole breast and just served the thick part. IMHO, Pretty small sandwich.


Seems like his is a common sentiment. I’ve never been, actually. Maybe I can convince the group to do a lil bang-bang for a direct comparison…

Great tip. Will do.

Any shake that you particularly enjoyed? I’ve been craving a simple strawberry shake lately and may jump at that if they have it.


It’s pretty comical how small it is compared to HR


They do have a straight up strawberry shake. Always do.

Personally, I would opt for the “Brownie Points” which is an LA-specific concrete. Although a straight up vanilla shake is not a bad thing at all.


I suppose this is off-topic but I won’t patronize C-F-A due to their anti-LGBTQ stance.


Interesting. My instincts (gut) draw me more towards the shake than the concrete. There’s a difference, right?

And agreed. Vanilla shake is probably the king of the shake hill. But where oh where can one get a vanilla shake made from Mexican vanilla beans??