The Madness that is Shake Shack - Is it an Expensive Fast Food Burger? A Cheaper Gourmet Burger? (vs. Golden State) - Review and Pics


As a quasi-capable human being, I ventured out onto the World Wide Web and found the answer out for m’self. So for future generations…

Shake Shack Shake - “Hand-spun vanilla, chocolate, caramel, black & white, strawberry, peanut butter or coffee Fair Shake”

Shake Shack Concrete - “Dense frozen custard ice cream blended at high speed with mix-ins. You can make your own, or choose from a selection of signature concretes (the crazy-great combinations are specific to each Shack)”


Vanilla shake is the only one worth dipping salty, crispy French fries into, so yes, it’s the king.


Funny you mentioned it: I was just about to say the same of caramel shakes…


You cannot compare anything to HR…those things are masterpieces beyond compare.


is this a thing? i’m still horrified by the memory of watching someone dip
their onion chips into a vanilla shake at white castle back in the '80s.
i thought he was just nuts, not part of a movement.


@linus Okay, that is weird, onion rings? But dipping fries in vanilla shakes is something I remember from high school. And now all the trendy chefs/bakers serve salted desserts, so I guess that is a thing.


Dipping fries in shakes is definitely a thing.


I used to dip the McDonald’s Apple Pie in the Vanilla milkshake.

Dunno, and don’t care, if it was a thing.

But I did it, and it was fukcing outrageous. In a good way.

Of course, this was when the apple pies were still fried. Now that they’re baked, I wouldn’t even dip them in soap water before throwing them away.


surely, dipping an apple pie in a vanilla milkshake is vastly differently from dipping
a french fry or a onion chip in a vanilla milkshake.

and thank you for weighing in on the topic. your view has been recorded in the minutes.
you got that, ted. that’s one “doesn’t care” vote. thanks.


Add another “Dipping Fries in Milkshakes” to the “Definitely a Thing” column, Mr. Secretary.


@Aesthete What is HR?


howlin rays


Hmmm? [drops small bag of Planter’s Peanuts into Dr. Pepper bottle] Hmmm.


I had a Blueberry Lemon Curd shake that was damn good! It was one of the flavors of the month.

I also concur with the others who said the plain ol vanilla is great.


Checked out the Oaks Gourmet burger the other night on a whim… maybe the typical brioche makes it, and I applaud putting taleggio on a burger, but for $15 it made no sense to me. The actual patty itself is not particularly flavorful somehow and the general burger relies on piling gourmet ingredients onto a very basic tasting burger that they are hesitant to even cook to medium rare… the staff is cool as fuck, but the burger makes no sense to me.

Would’ve been a kind of kickass grilled cheese without the burger patty oddly enough… might be worth going back for grilled cheese at the place.


Hollywood X Vine location. No lines here.

Got the Stack. I would recommend against it. Feels like the beef and mushroom are fighting for your attention. They are more enjoyable on their own burger.
Why share the same burger? Why share the same bed?? Why ask why?

And I prefer In-N-Out more. Or spending a few extra for a fancy schmancy burger at some place in Culver City where I have to find my own seating in a non-fast food environment and get carded at the door like at the club but no grinding with a young lady and definitely no twerking allowed. I digress


Agreed. I usually get one of each and skip the fries.


Made it to the Weho Shake Shack twice recently. No line on either occasion. Had a Shack burger (or whatever it’s called) which was really good IMHO. Had fries, which were good and stayed warm until the end. Had a concrete which was ok if you like that sort of thing. Had a chicken sandwich which was meh. Had a chicken hot dog which was very dull. Had some red wine which was not bad but overpriced for the pour.


I really liked the Shake Stack but I don’t know that its worth the price of almost $10.


Huh. At Hopdoddy they’ll put chili and Fritos on that for you for $10.