The Manufactory (The Market, Tartine Bianco) - ROW DTLA


Also closed THIS weekend due to a private event. Bummer!


Not the only one they stepped toes on.


Next lead baker is going to have to sign a non-compete in blood.


Oh boo hoo


Victim mentality

Plus you are in Thai Town and me personally I ain’t going to DTLA for a while. Nobody wanna drive from Hipster Eastside down Sunset to Alameda

Unless you want a side order of typhus


If she wanted to vent fine, but honestly who can blame the baker from leaving? Friends and family’s bread is very very good and they shouldn’t feel threatened at all. But I’ll love for some to do comparisons with all the good sourdough in town…


Those black suited security folks work for the Feds


Went by Sunday morning after smorgasburg and apparently they didn’t make any pastries at all that day, for some reason. No explanation given, though I did see some dudes rolling out dough in the bakery section. Bummed to have had one bang thwarted, but my cortado was pretty awesome.


yeah the “a few miles from you” is a helluva reach. DTLA to Thai Town is a pretty wide divide.


… or Agent Smith.


i wonder if she’s referring to the yet to be opened silver lake tartine.


…or Agent K or J


I love Friends and Family, but Roxana needs to get a grip.

If she’s losing employees, the problem more often than not lies within.


Agree. I mean if another company comes in and offers them better wages, why does she have any right to them? Bakers do not make a lot of money, and perhaps people should be happy for these people who can now better support their families.