The most scathing restaurant reviews Tom Sietsema has ever written



Oh my.


Less a review than straight-up service journalism.


Apparently I’ve hit my washington post free read limit (who knew?!) so here’s another link for folks to use.

And there is a fabulous Dennys mention. Truly!


pro tip: I read the Washington Post and NYT several times a day—I just clean out my browser cache/cookies/etc. when I’ve reached my “free article limit” and I then I can read more articles


Wow! Great tip. I subscribe to WaPo but no longer to NYT (too much info). With NYT I mostly miss recipes that I’ve saved but can no longer access. Thanks a mil.


Oooh - mighty helpful tip! Thank you!


I can often read normally inaccessible stuff on my Android phone because Google shows their sleazy “Amp” copy rather than the actual web site.


You can also use “private browsing” to do this - though the SF Chronicle tends to lock up when I do it (possibly an issue on my end).


I haven’t tried that yet, but that sounds like a great tip too! THX!!


Can you walk this dinosaur through that please? TIA


I could, but since I don’t know what browser you use it’s better for me to say check out this link, as it covers instructions for the majority of browsers:

And here’s more info on how it works (and doesn’t work):


I have to go to sleep now :slight_smile: But will reply tomorrow. Thanks, ED


You’re welcome; hope it helps!