The New York Times reviews Locol?


That’s what I would guess.

How was this supposed to work?


It was, I suppose, intended for Choi to be Darwin. Bringing quality, healthy fast food to “underserved” communities.



Well if you look at the positive side, as long as he can keep the doors open at the very least that’s jobs for the community.


How would bringing quality, healthy fast food to an underserved (not sure why you used scare quotes) community make someone Darwin?


Pete Wells’s response to some of the social-media criticism: “Our culture overvalues cynicism, undervalues skepticism, and is vague about the difference.”


That certainly highlights the elitist nature of the enterprise.

They talk about “food deserts” and “under-served neighborhoods,” but the Watts location has a lot of nearby competition, including places in the same price range that cook from scratch. Maybe Locol’s food is healthier, but if the locals don’t care, what are Patterson and Choi accomplishing?


jobs, options


yet another word that has ceased to have any real meaning.


If you like things you’re an elitist. Simple really :smiley:


“Elitist” may be overused, but it’s precise in this context. Patterson and Choi are part of the global celebrity-chef elite, the very small pool of people who appear on shows like “Parts Unknown,” “Mind of a Chef” and “Chef’s Table” and who get invited to events such as the MAD Symposium and Grand Gelinaz Shuffle.

They used their celebrity status to open a restaurant in Watts to promote their concept of healthier fast food. It’s preposterously smug elitism for them to talk about that area as “underserved” and a “food desert” when there are so many competing restaurants nearby, plus a Food 4 Less a few blocks away.

The Watts Coffee House, in the next block, is probably being more effective in bringing healthier food to locals by offering salads and baked chicken along with traditional fatty and starchy fare.


the USDA calls that area a food desert. You can plug in 103/wilmington to verify.


I don’t see that. What settings were you using?

Like I said, there’s a Food 4 Less a few blocks away. A one-mile radius around that extends well past Locol.



What is that supposed to mean? I don’t understand the legend.


please help me out. is stating opinion as fact “elitist” or no?


It might be elitist to think that people would mistake a value judgment for a statement of fact if they don’t see a disclaimer such as “in my opinion.”


It’s still a food dessert in many ways.


Mmmmm… dessert.


golly, i sorry, i ain’t had much of that there book learnin’.
it’s clear you have a different idea of “elitist” than i do.

ain’t people funny?


LA Magazine’s response to Wells’ review: