The New York Times reviews Locol?


good lord, in 2017? how dare we disagree respectfully. that’s
us totes out of the ol’ zeitgiest.


I’ll probably feel this way until the end of the month, and then all bets are off. Shit. Just realized it’s only the 6th. I’ll give it another week.


Why should negative reviews be avoided?


What are ambulance chasers exactly? Not related, just curious.


Aggressive opportunists.


I didn’t say that. Please re-read.


That got me to chuckle. Thanks.


So in your judgment my judgment of someone else’s judgment as to how they spend their own time doesn’t mean much to you. Fair enough.
But if I can’t make sweeping generalizations and judgments about other people then I’m going to need to get a new hobby pretty quickly.


Please communicate better.


For news stories like in the movie Night Stalker? Or is it just an expression?





So no one actually does it. Well, that makes Wells s real bad man I guess :frowning:


i support your search for a new hobby 1000 percent.

of course, without making sweeping generalizations and judgements, like
black bolt, i am silent.


I’m working in Oakland nearby today so decided I had to try it (and because the free trays of mediocre Mexican the court reporter’s office provides put me to sleep).

Had the combo for $8, fried chicken burger, messy greens and agua fresca. Fried chicken with fresh slaw was good, a little bland, but even better when I asked for some of their vinegary house made hot sauce. Greens (collards I believe) were pretty flavorful without appearing to have any pork product in them. Pineapple lime agua fresca was nicely balanced, not super sweet.

If the bar is McDonald/Wendys, the food is way above that and if those were my options I’d go here 9 out of 10 times. Very enjoyable and filling lunch for $8. Ike’s and Taco place next door had lines while Locol was pretty empty.

There’s an Umami Burger and Trueburger within a block, so they have a lot of burger (and other cheap lunch) competition in this area.


The new local burger certainly looks a lot better


Have you tried it ? Frozen soft serve is good and iced coffee.


I can’t be bothered to drive from SFV to DTLA, let alone Watts.


why not ?

Don’t you want to help the community ?


Most of the people who live in Watts don’t want to help the community. If by “help the community” you mean eating at Locol.