The places you eat at most often


nowhere. just home. i very rarely eat outside and that’s because i’m having allergies which i need to take some anavar for in the next 10 minutes if something goes wrong otherwise it can end really bad. that’s why i eat most of the time home and that’s why i’m now here. i want to learn new recipes :slight_smile:


How fun to have another cook! We actually have a lot of people on this board that cook lots of interesting dishes, they just don’t post often. Maybe I will start a new thread. :slight_smile:


Felix (by far most visited; weekly meals).





Jon & Vinny’s

Connie & Ted’s



I have just moved to the bay area but recently:

  • Saigon Eden
  • In n Out
  • Tacos Tamix
  • 85C Bakery
  • Yangji Gamjatang
  • OB Bear
  • Zion Market for the deli fried chicken.
  • Side Chick
  • Bread Lounge
  • Pollo a La Brasa Western
  • Com Tam Thuan Kieu
  • Shanghailander Palace
  • Best Noodle House


Is this chicken similar to non-Korean grocery store fried chicken or somewhat Korean fried chicken influenced? thx


Its definitely korean fried chicken with a potato starch crust and spicy, sticky sauce. They don’t make it to order, its usually room temp and tray-ed up but it’s still one of my favorite KFCs in LA! Its one of the only fried chicken dishes I’ll eat cold. It stays crispy throughout and the sauce is sooooooo dank. They usually run out by 3-4pm and apparently its a super secret recipe because I asked the head deli lady how she makes it and she was adamant about keeping it a secret!

They have them on tables on the side of the store opposite the produce, near the soju. Funny story though for any of you hip hop heads on here: Dumbfoundead’s mom works here and passes samples of soju! The bungeo-ppang or fish pastry thing filled with custard/red bean on weekends is pretty solid as well. My favorite market is koreatown after Assi closed down. RIP ASSI MARKET!

Does anybody know what happened to the gook hwabang cart outside Assi market?


this sounds really great! I’m assuming they do this on the weekends as well ('cuz if they sell out that early, I’ll be @ work during weekdays)? How’s zipping in/out of their parking structure—easy or better to park @ a street meter and run in?


We rarely cook, so we eat out a lot.

Curry House
Kotoya Palms
Mindi’s Kitchen
Hakata Ikkousha
Zam Zam Market
Chicken Maison
Isaan Station
Mashawi Grill
Simpang Asia
Wadatsumi (Torrance)
Tacos La Guera
Baja California Fish Tacos
Beijing Pie House
Chichen Itza
Connie & Ted’s
Tender Greens
Golden State
JJ Bakery
Boston Lobster
Spoon House
Pollo A La Brasa
Da Maat
Restoration Kitchen
Seaside Market
Continental Gourmet Market (empanadas)
T&T Aloha Cafe
Pho Quang Trung
Shake Shack


Really like Mindi’s but one time we went around 8:30 p.m. (yes, brain fart) and they had already shuttered so we landed at Bistro Beaux around the corner and was pleasantly surprised. Really good grilled beef, Japanese style lasagna as well as some mushrooms with sea urchin.


Buna Ethiopian on Fairfax. Usually at least once a week. Finally tried tonight the vaunted Meals by Genet. No, no, no. Twice as expensive as Buna and I like Buna’s food better.


my goodness this is just a list of the hippest places in los angeles, no?

gjelina still worth the effort?


Love that place! I’m surprised it isn’t mentioned here more often. I really like that mushroom dish, also their crab butter spaghetti and gratins.


Halal Guys
Mountain Cafe
Marukai Market for the sushi bowls
Best Noodle House
Chong Qing Special Noodles
Pho 79
Pho 45
The Legendary Restaurant


It’s been yrs since I’ve been to one (and there’s quite close to me, actually), but I loved their meat sauce spaghetti. Maybe I should visit soon. :slight_smile:


I’ve never had trouble snagging a spot in the parking lot. There’s only one entrance on Mariposa. Yep they have it on weekends as well. The produce at Zion is actually pretty decent too!


Yes, the more I eat at Gjelina, the more appreciation I have for it.

It’s a remarkable place you can go and get consistently awesome vegetable dishes, thoughtfully composed charred and crispy pizzas, and spectacular desserts along with thoughtful beer and wine, and usually walk out for about $50/person after tax and tip (maybe more like $60 now, since they just raised prices across their menu a week or two ago, though). And they’re open until midnight every day. It’s the epitome of a place where you can go eat simple, relatively healthy, unfussy, great-tasting food. Every meal there seems to feel “just right”, and be a steal for the price.

Sometimes you also get way more than you pay for as well, not simply great dishes, but ones that are downright addictively and manage to be utterly perfect bites. Recently, a dish of just a few large steak-like slices of salted, and oil-slicked king oyster mushrooms charred over an open flame were outrageously good in a way that was redolent of how Skenes presents dishes at Saison; tasting mainly of themselves, yet remarkably resembling the buttery, charred chew of a prime, aged steak, they even served them with a large steak knife. Or, on a different visit, a batch of braised spigarello in a leek fondue, adorned with chicharron made of guanciale; a dish looking like a loose platter of peppery, savory greens bursting with flavor in an entirely unexpected way. If the plating was more precious, one could easily see dishes like this on tasting menus costing quite a bit more money.

But perhaps more importantly, I don’t think I have ever truly had anything I would characterize as “bad” at Gjelina. That sort of assurance of a minimum level of quality in every dish, spanning a rather large menu, is something truly worth its weight in gold these days. I believe @CiaoBob has discussed this quality in other places; Lett’s focus on simply churning out awesome dishes consistently without a ton of media focus, or even trying to infuse “pizzazz” into the food is a rare and precious quality in a restaurant these days.


Was just at Mountain Cafe the other night. What is one supposed to order there? Simply went with the chicken soup and the abelone congee. The congee is really nice.

Chicken soup pleasant enough, but sort of on the dry side, quite healthy, though.

Wonder if I am missing anything else in particular there?


Thanks for the tip!


You mean MTN on Abbot Kinney? Or something else…


No, there’s a 24/7 Korean restaurant called Mountain Cafe right next to Yamji Gamjatang and Sun Nong Dan. I’m referring to that one.

I’ve eaten almost everything other than the ramen at MTN, though. It has quickly emerged as one of my most-visited restaurants thanks to its expansive menu, and reasonably healthy, awesome portion sizes. And the food just tastes incredible.

However, literally every time I have been I have been seated next to someone complaining about the ramen in some fashion.