The places you eat at most often


that Mountain.
A fav of @J_L’s

Mandoo is also pretty good.
It is just a very solid 24 hour place.
Have youu been to Jun Won lately? Incredible banchan and seafood dishes, and pancakes.


I’ve been hitting up a local Italian joint Portofino in Brea once a month lately. Service and food is comfortable, though the place is a bit on the tiny side.
For izakaya-style Japanese-Korean bar food, my friends and I have been going to Ojiya in City of Industry. One of the crew has developed a sensitivity to alcohol, where sake is the only drink they can consume without making their body revolt against them. They do have some nice menu items that remind my friend of her time in Japan. Solid meat and assorted items on skewers…I’ve become a huge fan of the ginko nuts and the liver.


Since a recent heart warning, I most often eat at Erewhon in Venice. I stock up on food from their larder. Am addicted to their Killer Cauliflower and Tumeric Chicken Tenders, along with their vegan Ranch Dressing.


I’ve tried several of their soups, and so far not one has been a dud. Different ones for different moods, though. I find the kimchi stew is my go-to when I have a cold, and the samgyetang is what I need if I have a fever. I quite liked the seafood one, too. Of course, the stewed beef banchan is always awesome :heart_eyes:



You’re not supposed to eat the chicken. Just enjoy the soup. Good for circulation, especially (ahem) down there.


Animal style AND raw onions - I’ll have to try that on one of my gluten days.


Or if you really like onion, add grilled whole onion to that. Onions three ways.


What’s a “gluten day”?


mainly for the QPR, i’ve been eating a lot of baja fish & taco and/or tacos ensenada and their $.99 fish tacos on tuesday. eating some right now, actually.

tacos ensenada is closer:

but B.F.T.'s fish is crispier:

and yes, i can eat 8 fish tacos in one sitting.


wait…Best Fish Tacos of Ensenada in Los Feliz has fish tacos for 99 cents on Tuesdays?


Me lately:

Dan Tanas (Thursday nights at the bar w Mike the bartender)
Bacon Breakfast Burrito @ Erewohn on Beverly


OMG, yogachik, what a concerning surprise. Take good care and best wishes. You are definitely not among those on the board i would have worried about heart problems…


baja fish locations (among others) in alhambra & pasadena.

tacos ensenada in altadena near super king market


A “gluten day” is when I allow myself some wheat. I am gluten intolerant, not celiac, so I will put up with some digestive issues every now and then.


That’s gotta suck. Maybe you could start a thread (non-medical) of how you deal with it. Something to eat/drink/etc pre/post?


what’s your beef with being at settebello?
i eat there 2 or 3 times a week.
l like their DOP pizza and their salads (actually i adore their beet salad–best in town).

also, imho, their selection of distilled spirits is terrific.


Zankou Chicken
Tito’s Tacos
El Chato
Bay Cities
Mo Better Burgers
Village Pizza
Del Taco
Vegan Glory
Rose Cafe


What are your favorites at Truxtons? The Westchester location is near my family’s home.


The All-American Burger is a great value at $15.

1/2 pound of quality beef from Premier Meat Co, and dressed just right. Or, in other words, austerely so that you can actually taste the beef, and the seasonings (not toppings). Cheese optional, as it should be for a hamburger.


Sounds like a winner. I’ll give it a try next time we head to Truxton’s. I usually get my burger fix in the Westchester/Ladera area at Panns (where the meat is not the star of the show, but their dreamburger works as a total package) or In N’ Out (ditto).