The rib eye arrived properly tender, properly juicy, with plenty of flavor and an assertively spiced crust. The potatoes worked as a natural pairing, while arugula gave us a zestiness that lifted the dish


Could not resist.


I noted that and wondered if the review was based on a hosted evening and thus the cooking was better for him that it is on a regular night? Another food blogger I follow posted a positive review:

Anyway, I find this forum to be a huge resource to get more real world feedback.

Besha Rodell at LA Weekly claims she is not known and so she doesn’t get special treatment. I like her reviews a lot, though she comments on people’s appearance a bit too much.


Your forgot the “???” Thanks man.




This is true.
And, urprising too, because, IIRC, she is not a native (and, therefore, superficial) Angelino but a far, far deeper and more learned East Coaster :joy:


JPL called - they want to know where we found this alien-speak.:robot:


Fucking dope.


She is from Melbourne which has to be one of the few places on earth as style-conscious and absurd as LA…


It’s ALWAYS the transplants.


Oh, at first I thought that Keith Gilabert had returned…


Miss the guy. Did I say that?


I only have a vague recollection of his posts, but there was level of earnestness and concreteness about his writing/aura that was… endearing?


He was the mouse caught in the corner. A lot of Chowhound posters were the cats taking swipes at that mouse. Poor mouse got batted around, getting knocked senselessly and didn’t even realize it until it was too late. Poor mouse - uh, Keith…



The thread that keeps on giving. One of the handful of classics.


Wish we had some way to track down Servorg - miss his posts and his post-midnight bike rides.


Agreed. Servorg always posted interesting contributions…


When the community moved to FTC from CH, we tried to track him down. The problem was that he left no method through which to contact him privately (and apparently was not commuicating w/ other posters outside of the board, which is how we got ahold of other posters who also had no public contact info).


We non-LA people liked Servorg’s posts also.


That’s such long title, weird.