THE Tsujita vs. Tsujita (Sawtelle) vs. Tsujita Annex: 3 Temples of Porky Ramen & Tsukemen


Hi @Ns1,

Thanks for the report back. Sorry to hear. :frowning: Yes, indeed it is very heavy naturally.

Did you try drinking the Tsukemen Soup straight? Or was this after you had it diluted with Soup Wari at the end?


Post-dilution. Me and Tsujita just weren’t meant to be together.


The parking is even worse than Glendale, but Silverlake Ramen has LEGIT tsukemen. A similar pork + bonito, and the wedge of lime which puts this wonderful bright shine on a VERY rich broth, which is thick enough to be called ‘gravy’. You definitely want the wari if you plan to drink it.

But I’ve never EVER had a bad bowl of anything there.

Also, I think Men Oh’s ‘signature’ ramen is similar to what’s being described here. It’s not quite the punch in the face of tsukemen broth, but it’s a little deeper and funkier than their pure tonkotsu. (Although their tonkotsu is magical. liquified essence of pork. It’s glorious.)

At least Vancouver has ramen well covered. I’m only seething with jealousy a little bit.


You’re not the only one… love the first 5 bites before I run out of steam.

Best bowl in LA for me at the moment is @ Kitakata Ramen Bannai, unfortunately too far to drive down on a regular basis.


Ah bummer. To let you know, I don’t finish the Tsukemen Broth at Tsujita, even with Soup Wari added. Tsukemen is really about coating the noodles, getting a bit of the thick, concentrated flavors and enjoying the noodles, Chashu and Egg.


Hi @lectroid,

Men Oh used to be great, but they lost their cooks (2 different waves of cooks gone) and I feel it’s gone downhill dramatically from their original days. :frowning:


Totally agree @Sgee. That’s why we haven’t been back to Tsujita in over a year. :wink:

When you do get the craving for it, it’s quite good (I split it though). :slight_smile:


Glad I’m not alone here. The whole thing really did come alive with the addition of lime though.

Had to walk straight to Philz Coffee for a mint mojito after.


Hi @Ns1,

Yah, sorry if you thought it might be lighter; Tsujita is pure pork essence.

If you can believe it, Tsujita Annex (with the Ramen Jiro style Ramen) is even heavier. :open_mouth:


I find copious consumption of their awesome spicy takana helps.


That’s a damn shame. I only got there a few times, since it wasn’t great location wise.

I went to silver lake as recently as last May, and they’re still rocking it.

On the other hand, I’ve found excellent examples of tonkotsu, giro style, tsukemen, and chicken here in the great white north.


Oh yah! The Spicy Takana veggie topping (and Raw Garlic) are pretty fantastic as well. :slight_smile:


nah, I knew what I was getting into and had a feeling it wouldn’t be my style, but had to check it off the list and this thread compelled me to do it.

As a bonus, I eyeballed the complete lack of crowd @ shake shack, so that’ll be on my regular rotation now.


Nice @lectroid. Glad you have a plethora of Ramen choices up there now. :slight_smile:


I think you nailed both issues for me. Makes me feel sick whenever I eat it and it’s just not crave-worthy. I love everything about every last component . . . but I’m just not about that life when it comes to that broth.


Oh yah, on the opposite side, @Ns1 have you tried Kitakata yet? Do you like the light, delicate broth? :wink:


also on the list unfortunately; light/delicate is certainly more my style these days. Adulting sucks, I miss the days of being able to drive 50 miles to OC for ramen and then driving back.


Tatsunoya in pasadena serves a very nice tonkotsu that is NOT a ginormous gut bomb. If you’re in the neighborhood, it’s worth a look.


Hi @Ns1,

Oh cool. If you end up going to Kitakata, remember to order the classic bowl with “Hard Noodles.” It’s not too far from Little Saigon so you can do a bang bang with Kitakata and whatever you feel like in Little Saigon. :wink:


Hi @lectroid,

Definitely agree. :slight_smile: Tatsunoya’s Tonkotsu base is lighter than Tsujita; definitely the best option in that part of town.