THE Tsujita vs. Tsujita (Sawtelle) vs. Tsujita Annex: 3 Temples of Porky Ramen & Tsukemen


It’s supposed to be a squeeze of sudachi (a Japanese citrus distantly related to the yuzu), not lime. But sudachi is damn near impossible to find in the states, so lime will have to do here.

Agree that the food is best when Kenta-san is cooking.




Mud Creek farms for your Sudachi needs. They have a very short season in the fall. Luckily most people walking by at the SMFM have no idea…


Yeah baby… Thanks for the 411.


Not to mention a wait. But Kitakata is so damn good. Even their spicy green ramen was damn tasty. I only wish their egg was cooked softer.


Go for the ramen, stay for the aburi chashu bowl.


I think there is something wrong with me, because I think the ramen at Kitakata is incredibly bland. Do I just have a shit unsophisticated palate since I love the heavy pig liquid from places like Tsujita, Kotoya, and Ikkousha way more? :sweat_smile:



Now my order got a little more complex. How many pieces of chashu can one consume at Kitakata? I think with chashu ramen + aburi chashu bowl would be 20+ pieces of chashu!! :joy::yum::pig2:


Calling @PorkyBelly! :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried their Aburi Chashu Bowl, but I can only imagine… their Chashu is so luscious… over Steamed Rice. Mmm… I must try this next time! :blush: Thanks for the tip @ipsedixit.


Get it with the spicy rice. Steamed rice seasoned with their housemade umami chili and red ginger.



Hi @thechez5,

No no. This is where L.A. getting a more diverse Ramen landscape is great! :smile:

Like my friend from Tokyo (who is so knowledgeable and appreciates great sushi at Mori and Shunji) can’t get enough of Ramen Jiro (so right now, Tsujita Annex’ homage with their Ramen).

Me? I can’t even finish 1/3 of that bowl. :sweat_smile: But I understand the appeal.

Same for another friend of mine who loves Shio Ramen (Salt Broth Ramen) (usually really light), where half of my friends think it’s too light.

I’m just glad we have so many legit, fantastic choices in L.A. now: Tsujita, Ikkousha, Tatsunoya, and lighter, more delicate stuff like Kitakata. :wink:


Wow, spicy rice?! :open_mouth: I’m craving this right now. :slight_smile:


Wednesday only, though. If they don’t have them, be sure to ask about them. Since citrus does so well on the tree, they often times don’t bring all their cultivars. They have always remembered to bring the cultivar I request the next week.

If you’re into preserved lemons, they have a Marrakech limon and a Scicilian cultivar that both preserve really well.


Exactly! I’m loving that tonkotsu, while still king in LA, is no longer the only game at the better ramen-yas.


We are blessed in California - my yuzu tree has loved the cooler wetter winter this past season, and may endow our house with some fruits this year. The yuzu rind is just so perfect with slightly seared kinmedai nigiri…


You had me at bang bang, I’m going to have to try kitakata the next time I’m in little saigon. I see they have two locations, is one better than the other?


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Oh you haven’t been to Kitakata yet? Definitely try it and order their original Kitakata Ramen, with “Hard Noodles” (they tend to slightly overcook the Noodles by default).

Definitely their original location in Costa Mesa. Try to get there right when they open or before 12 Noon (it’s crowded).

I hope you like it. :slight_smile:


If you go to Costa Mesa location you can hit up Sidecar Donuts and head to the beach.

Or get that beef tongue at Mitsuwa food court, and maybe some black sesame and matcha ice cream.


+1, always a line. Get the green chili shio ramen… clear broths run deep… :gun: :gun: :gun:


Yah I love their Green Chili Shio Ramen as well. But @PorkyBelly should try the original Kitakata Ramen first (or maybe order both). :slight_smile: