THE Tsujita vs. Tsujita (Sawtelle) vs. Tsujita Annex: 3 Temples of Porky Ramen & Tsukemen


These inspectors were dicks. Both instances were in open kitchens so everything was in full display.

The volume of their voices were just below screaming. The tone of their comments was full reprimand mode.

Pointing fingers in the faces of the owners and workers by one if the inspectors was really uncalled for. This inspector was from Africa, and his accent was so thick that he had to be asked to repeat his reprimands, which made him more angry.

The silliest thing was so much of what this inspector was rampaging about was stuff the kitchen WAS doing right. He felt it necessary to emphasize these points with raging statements like, “…AND IF YOU DON’T DO IT LIKE THIS, YOU WILL BE IN VIOLATION AND I WILL WRITE IT UP!”

The owners were miffed as to why this inspector was yelling at them for all the things they were doing right. It was like a tirade through the whole inspection. I guess you had to be there.


they were dicks. - i wasn’t there and i know it.
when the most diplomatic of FTC-ers - a person who has successfully defused scores of ruffled feathers on this board - says they were dicks I am postiive they were indeed dicks.


Hey @CiaoBob - I really don’t need you chimin’ in, OK? Just kidding​:smile: :pray:




Of course, it’s all great until people get sick. Reason why I quit going to Brent’s.

Edited to add this was the Westlake location.


Please do remember this was from 2015 and not at the Northridge location.


That’s why I edited my post, but it’s the same family- with allegations going back to 2007.

My dad eats breakfast at Northridge every day and it never bothered him- different strokes.


I’m not bothered by it because I’m certain it’s still cleaner than my kitchen. And I’m not afraid of the food in my kitchen. Therefore unless I see roaches it’s all good.

And even if I do see roaches, I might come back in a few days if the food is good enough.


You’d be surprised at some of the uber discerning tastes that roaches have.


I went for firs time last week and like many of you mentioned above. It is really heavy and porky and not really that craveable, like overwhelming almost. One thing though, maybe it was just an off night but my tsukemen soup came out lukewarm? At the time I thought it was supposed to be like that, but when I went back again the next night to try the tonkotsu, I saw tsukemen at the table next to me and it looked steaming hot.

I don’t know if I’d opt for the tsukemen over their tonkotsu again though. The tonkotsu was delicious, hard thin noodles, perfect gelantinous melt in your mouth chasu and piping hot broth. Oh, the menma in the tsukemen was very menmarable; lightly funky and tender! Why is Daikokuya’s menma so stanky?? Anyway, I’d go back just for the special noodles for the tsukemen. So thick and chewy. Super dank.


“C” for Chinese don’t mind…


Yeah. That.

Or, you know… not up to standards that we have set to make sure the restaurant does not pose a risk to public health.

One of those two.


Every restaurant poses a risk to public health.


@ipsedixit What a ridiculous, meaningless comment.

Tsujita is not doing enough to make sure their restaurant is up to standards and they need to improve.

Why the push-back?


Because restaurant inspections by the health department is a joke even among health inspectors.


@ipsedixit Any source(s) for this claim?


Sure, technically that’s not incorrect.

But do you not think that there are some restaurants that, by virtue of safe practices, have such a low incidence of harm to their patrons’ health, that their operation does not really present much of a “risk” to public health (in the way the word is normally used)? Of course safe practices cannot absolutely eliminate the possibility of foodborne illness, but having high cleanliness, food handling, storage, and preparation standards can greatly minimize the risk, such that eating there isn’t really risky, right?

Not talking about Tsujita.


Tsujita Killer Noodle is opening up on Monday on Sawtelle. Killer Noodle will be a tantanmien/ dan dan noodles specialist.

On Sunday at 11am they will give out 300 bowls for free.


For what it’s worth, Tsujita on Sawtelle is now back up to an A.

And also for what it’s worth, good god almighty that tsukemen ramen is so good. Even better than I remembered. I think that I had internalized this chain and thought that it was a super bomb, but that’s not my experience at all. I’m mean, it’s not light fur sure. It’s still worth the wait, though.


Bring a sudachi (when in season, you can purchase it across the street at Nijiya Market while waiting for your table at Tsujita) to squeeze into the bowl towards the end. Flavor multiplier X5. Real Fruit Ninja shit.