The Whimsical, Modern French Cuisine of Atelier Crenn [Thoughts + Pics]




Yeah @FoodDreams. I think I’m looking at Wagyu all wrong - like it’s a cut rather than a cow. I probably have not had the right cuts.

Drats… we were living downtown for a few months and Shibumi was on our list, but we didn’t make it. We’ll have to correct that soon. Thanks!


Is Wagyu other than rib-eye and NY strip available in the US?




See, I think this is what I’ve had. Because Wagyu tends to be pricey most restaurants probably serve the strip. The Wagyu I’ve had has been full of flavor and not exactly chewy, just not tender enough for me.


d’Artagnan’s “Wagyu” is raised in the US.


I don’t want to turn this into a beef discussion. But if the stock is Japanese what is the difference? Is it the diet or how it’s raised or something else I’m missing?


Good farming practices.


Actually there’s no problem with D’Artagnan saying Wagyu. That’s a group of breeds.

Crenn serves A5 Wagyu, which is only from Japan, since that grading system does not exist here. D’Artagnan sellls A5, but only ribeye and strip loin. Their other Wagyu is US-raised.