The Wolf - Oakland


Sat on the now-enclosed porch, very pleasant on a warmish evening. They turned on heaters later when it cooled off.

foie gras, perfectly seared, nice

soup, very good, spicier than most Mediterranean or French places would dare serve

cavatelli, the combination of lamb and sheep cheese was great

perfectly ripe cheese

Excellent three-hour meal, also drank Saumur and Schiopettino. The food and atmosphere have a strong family resemblance to Wood Tavern’s. Quiet, at least in that room. Great addition to the local dining options.


Thanks for the report, looks promising and good / reasonable wine list too.




Another excellent meal. The not very photogenic onion soup was fantastic. Pork was juicy and delicious despite it being tenderloin. Rice pudding, bread pudding, and fritters were all great.


Finally got to The Wolf last week. I though the Piedmontese ribeye was one of the best steaks I’ve had in a long run, great meat and fat, with excellent mashed potatoes and late season tomatoes – and easier could have fed two people. The chicken and duck liver mousse with the fried biscuits were insanely rich, more like dessert – but in the best way.


Got out of a movie around 9:20 and ended up at The Wolf because they’re one of the few places on Piedmont open until 10 (Thurs.-Sat. only).

Octopus with butter beans and hummus ($16): great dish, though I had to watch out not to get too much of the salsa verde in one bite.

Beet salad ($9) with I think goat cheese. The not-very-acidic nectarines didn’t make much sense to me in that context.

Duck breast with a ragout of escarole, kohlrabi, duck confit, etc. ($32): great dish. I was worried that the sauce à l’orange would be sweet, but it was a savory demi-glace sort of thing. The peel was overpowering but I just picked it off.

Pork chop with parsnip puree ($32): perfectly cooked, another great dish.

Forgot to photograph the Langres with chipotle honey ($9), which was a surprisingly delicious combination. (I generally object to the American habit of not serving cheese plain.)

Drank a very nice Morgon ($38). Solid service. In terms of value for money, for me this is as good as it gets at the higher end of Berkeley-Oakland restaurants.