This New Yorker has eaten food from more than 100 countries without leaving NYC



I can’t just ‘thumbs up’ this. It was GREAT! Thanks for sharing.


Noah Galuten, former Chowhound, did much the same in Los Angeles. His blog/site was called Man Bites World, but I can’t find it.

I think everything was chronicled on CH. Great read.



I’m getting inspired :slight_smile: BTW, care to share his CH name. Although I was rarely on the LA board.


He is “Noahbites”: (it looks like he posted there five months ago).

Even the Wayback Machine no longer has his site.

But, here’s a piece in SFGate, and at the bottom it has the list of countries he “visited” - though there’s also an annoying autoplay video, too:

If you search for Noah Galuten Man Bites World, you’ll find many other articles and such.


I remember that blog. It was fascinating.


In NYC there’s &
Both are excellent blogs.


Vatican City cuisine?


Judging from a surviving Flickr photo, “Vatican City” included Roman artichoke lasagne.