Tips for smoking our first brisket?


Oh also, you can smoke knowing the “ring” means nothing. Right?


If you killed a brisket by taking your smoker to 270 for an hour I think you got bigger things to worry about.


And there are tons of oven techniques that will give you lovely browned exterior and tender interior.

when people smoke ribs, they are looking for the flavor/smell of smoke, in addition to a lovely browned exterior and tender (but not fall off the bone) interior.


I love learning new stuff. Like this: Liquid Smoke is made of wood.

The pix I shared above are


So I guess my point is, instead of using fake smoke and fake smoke rings, we can just use a real smoker.


I guess my point is that it’s not fake smoke evidently and smoke rings means nothing. And, remember, we have a smoker so I have no bias.


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