Tired Of Terrible French Fries


Does anyone have thoughts on L’Assiette fries vs. Majordomo BS fries? It’s been yrs since I had the ones at L’Assiette, but I thought they were excellent.


Radically different styles.


I had them the other night after seeing the love for them on the board. They were absolutely incredible and totally worth every penny. They give you a fair amount of fries.


I agree - very good. And generous portions too. My favorite fries were from Hal’s Bar and Grill are now - but they’ve closed up. Damn.

I also like the fries at Lunetta All Day. Not as good as Bel Campos, but still very satisfying.


Agree. Good but not enough to crave them. Or go back because of them. I will travel for fries.


Yes to Oinkster. NO NO NO to Langers and Apple Pan.


I like langers fries. Hearty Crinkle Cuts. Always fried well and stand up in the Pastrami and Cheese Fries…


I would consider langers fries well done to be “excellent”, under the crinkle cut category.


I had my doubts about the price tag on fries of all things. But I’m happy to report that I’m more than willing to order it again! The BS fries, though a touch over aggressively seasoned, is legit and comes with a Raclette cheese sauce that goes really well with the fries


The fries at Pita Wrap in DTLA is pretty damn good.

Only $3.50


The fries at Mee and Greet are excellent. Fried perfectly crisp every time.


McDonald’s already perfected the french fry. I don’t know why everyone keeps trying to re-invent it.



Miss the beef tallow McFries…


Beef tallow aside, one secret to McDonald’s fries is they’re double fried: