" _________________ to become the LA Times main restaurant critic."


Any thoughts?
I’m going to speculate that it will not be an already known critic but it will be some who is widely known.
Perhaps a restaurateur…


I think they should hire Chowseeker and send him/her to some NYC standards.


Are newspaper food critics even relevant anymore?


Pretty sure that question was definitively answered when @kevin got the job.


Gold was in a class by himself both as a food writer and as an expert on the Los Angeles food scene.


Just sent them my Curriculum Vitae… Wish me luck.


Are you suggesting Dr. Soon-Shiong for the position?


Actually I kinda work with Patrick from time to time. Now that you mention it, I just might whisper in his ear… (evil smirk)


Unlike most newspaper owners today, seems like he’s ready to pay for quality as defined by his advisors.


Some of these people are surely on the short list:


What do you suppose a job like that would pay? I just can’t imagine that it’s an enormous number.


I thought you liked @kevin


Taking that job is like replacing Chick Hearn for the Lakers or Vin Scully for the Dodgers when it comes to LA food reviews.


It’s got to be for the love. I haven’t worked in a year . Gotta call ,want to work . Hell yea. Love showing up at 8 am with my lunch packed . I don’t even know what I am being paid . Lol


You’re funny, Em. You’re retired, right? Love it!


It feels good to get back in the pool.


Of course I do - we are close friends. There’s nothing in that statement to the contrary and I am quite sure he’d heartily agree, the subversive fuck.


Good for you for speaking up for a friend.


I think it would be ironic if Peter Meehan got it. Chang lost his chance to mend the fence with JG over the Lucky Peach demise, but if Meehan were in LA, it would be interesting to see what tune Chang would be singing.


Ugh, not a New Yorker who I think, no matter how open-minded, will inevitably see our city through tainted East Coast lenses. Besides, any out-of-towner taking on this mantle without having actually lived here for a spell would need to undertake the herculean task of just catching up to speed with the living, complex beast that our local food scene has become in even just the past 5 years.