" _________________ to become the LA Times main restaurant critic."


I like what Peter Meehan does, but I don’t feel like his strengths are in restaurant reviews and I don’t think he can make his writing about the food and the people that prepare it without making it about himself in a way.

He seems to be at his best when he’s writing about his own path of discovery. I’d like to see someone at least try to take of the mantle that Jonathan Gold created.

Also, and I hesitate to go down this road, but maybe such a diverse city does need someone who isn’t writing about the best food the city has to offer as an outsider. Maybe we would do well having a Chicano Angeleno or a Korean Angeleno or a Chinese Angeleno or . . . someone who has a deep cultural vocabulary with at least one of the traditional foodways that is well represented in LA.

I love me some Jonathan Gold, but maybe it’s time to hear a voice from a different background.


Isn’t Gustavo Arellano already on staff? He seems like a logical next step


I like this idea!
(Though he rates Anepalco a step above Taco Maria, which, uh, hmm. No. Just no.)


Has he ever written restaurant reviews? He’s written plenty about food but I can’t find any actual reviews.

He might not want the job. His current gig writing an opinion column takes less time and is better for his health.


And who knows if he ran wants to do it but he seems knowledgeable about food, I like his writing and he seems like he’s in line with what JG stood for. Personally I don’t think having been a restaurant reviewer should be disqualifiing


The hiring managers would have no way of knowing whether a person with no experience could do the job. It’s too big a risk for such a high-profile column at a paper that’s trying to reestablish itself.

Plus it would be insulting to the people on staff who do have experience and would like that position.


How much restaurant experience did Frank Bruni have? How about Wells he went from writing cooking with Dexter and editing to reviewing.


Wells had been editing the reviews for a few years before he started writing them from scratch.

They took a chance on Bruni, but the paper hadn’t just been sold, and William Grimes was no Jonathan Gold.


He was Food editor as well for the OC Weekly. Maybe it’s outside the box but I personally enjoy his writing and has written plenty about food. It wouldn’t be a conventional choice but I also don’t think It’s an insult to others to consider him. I guess I’ll just leave it at that



Google wasn’t much help, but Arellano wrote a weekly restaurant column, “This Hole-in-the-Wall Life,” for years.



Excellent. I was thinking it would take more than one critic to come close to Gold’s breadth and depth.


When SF Weekly was looking to replace its restaurant critic in 2006, they had four? candidates all review the same place. This won.



BRILLIANT! So what happened???


I wrote one review a month for a couple of years until I got tired of it.


Wow, that’s cool! We were gone by then. I loved that one.


Guess that leaves @kevin out.