Tokyo Preview


If you want to try modernist French/Japanese then check out Florilege the full tasting menu is a very reasonable 12,000 Yen.


Please share your food itinerary when finished! Looking for good spots for our trip in December.


Worth it to go just for tsuta ramen


Any idea about how much it’d cost for 2 at Yakiniku Jumbo?


Reviewers report 10,000-15,000JPY most often in the last two years.
That’s about 90-135USD per person.

Much cheaper during lunch 6000-8000JPY


Thanks Starchtrade!

Endy, that’s the starting point. It also depends on how much you can eat and what you order (a la carte). I am unclear on the omakase menus and what is required to book those, but those tend to be tasting menu and you might not end up full, so you can always add on an appetizer, another repeat order or try a few different cuts of meat. Hopefully it will be less than $200 a person but budget for it and if you spend less it’s good.


Thanks for the reply Starchtrade and Beefnoguy! I’ll definitely give it a try.

Do you know how Yakitori Omino is compared to the other Yakitori places you listed? I’m trying to add a visit to a yakitori spot for my upcoming trip in Dec.


Omino is pretty good, though I think some pieces were better for me at Toriki when I went to both places a year ago. I have friends who had more recent experiences at Omino and loved it so perhaps they improved a lot. Omino does have a few parts that Toriki does not, and the style/approach is a bit different.


Sounds good! The hotel concierge was able to get a reservation there for me so I’ll try it out. She did mention that they serve rare chicken, is it generally considered safe to eat? I’d hate to get food poisoning at the beginning of my Japan trip.


That depends on your body chemistry and the source/handling of the product by the restaurant. If you still think you may have a problem or worry, then tell the concierge to tell the restaurant no chicken sashi, likely not a big deal. And if you go to a high end sushi restaurant you can also pre-empt if you don’t want say, whale in the event it is on the special course.

I’ve had chicken sashimi before in Osaka and had zero problems and that included breast and liver which were pristine and delicious.

However I had likely undercooked beef innards (stomach and intestines) one night and got bad food poisoning from it (could have been anything else really but my instinct tells me it was that).

In the event you do get food poisoning, give it a day to purge, and go to the nearest pharmacy and get yourself a small box of Seirogan 正露丸

One dose is all you need. It will essentially do an EMP blast on the output (assuming it’s not vomit), eat clean for one day, and you will be back on your feet. Though it will suck to have to cancel reservations especially if you have hard to get into places.


Best. Sign. Ever.
This was near Himeji Castle in Japan


I just had chicken sashimi at a small bar-restaurant in Osaka. Delicious and no problem.