Top Chef Season 15 Denver


You prolly need Amazon Prime for that, right?

They’re also all available on the Apple TV Bravo app, which is what I use.


Thanks for the tip, I found them in the Bravo Roku app, though Roku’s search didn’t find the channel or the show.

I have Amazon Prime, but don’t see it there. Fine with me since it’s by far the worst of the many streaming apps I’ve used.


Or just


I don’t like watching on because it’s hard to back up ten seconds or so when I miss something, which happens all the time because it doesn’t stream as smoothly as Roku, Tivo, and Android apps, and there’s no closed captioning.


Sounds like an WiFi connection speed issue.


Streaming from is shitty on my desktop when I have a 110 mbps down Internet connection all to myself over a 1000BASE-T connection. Switch to or whatever and it’s smooth.

If WiFi is the issue with video playback, you’ll encounter it with all sources on all WiFi devices. I have a gigabit mesh system so that’s never the bottleneck at my house.


What’s wrong with streaming from youtube?


There’s probably about $24.99 reasons why @robert thinks its wrong.


I stream from whichever of the sources I know of that plays best is the fastest to navigate to. For LCK, that’s the Bravo app on Roku.

YouTube is decent but rarely if ever the best when I have multiple choices. I still watch it regularly since they have a whole lot of stuff no one else does.




Cancer sucks.
However, I did enjoy her terrified expressions when she saw Kwame and LeeAnne in Last Chance Kitchen. I still laugh as I remember her saying that LeeAnne was going to come into the house and wipe them all out.


So what do you think a Szechuan gastrique would be?

(Tu’s rabbit three ways.)


A gastrique with Sichuan peppercorns and chiles.


Is it wrong that I always enjoy these extreme outdoor/over-nighter challenges? Watching them move massive amounts of snow and building their own tents made me laugh…and not envy them one bit because I’m not an outdoorsy person.
I felt more of them should have pooled their outdoor store money together to get more equipment. Big fail in thinking that there would be enough room for everyone to cook.


Lee-Anne leaves because she’s pregnant.

Bruce Kaplan stays despite expecting a baby any day.

Fucked up.


Aside from Tonya and Claudette, I’m not really rooting for or empathizing with the contestants this year. I feel like I’m just watching out of habit.


Chefs are crazy, and some people will do anything to get on television.


Did anyone else get the impression that the judges didn’t like any of the dishes prepared for the elimination challenge?

Also, does anyone else pause the tv and figure out what dish you would make for a challenge, before resuming watching?


They seemed to like the winners’ dishes and radler pairings a lot.


The only pairing they specifically mentioned was Tanya’s. During the event itself, none of the judges seemed to like anything.