Top Chef Season 15 Denver


Yeah. That was a poorly designed challenge.
I also didn’t care for the vibe of the whole presentation.


Chris magically “didn’t hear” any of this. He simply did his own thing, ignoring his teammates? I call foul on the editing here.

And Bruce Kaplan needs to stop whining about how he wishes “I could be there” and “I can’t believe I’m missing this” about the baby his wife just bore.
Just effing go. It’s not like you just gave birth or something.


Neither did his wife, but my issue is with the editing. Top Chef is a cooking competition, not The Real Housewives of Denver.


OK, I watched LCK 15.7 again, and Tu hadn’t quite given up on the plastic bag when Brother brought the plastic wrap out from the pantry. So Brother could have said, hey, dude, here it is. It was still a bunch of Real Housewives-type fake drama that they let Tu think Brother had hidden it and rant about that in his exit interview.


It’s drama free, because I don’t speak the language.

Top Chef Thailand

One of the contestants is from Blue Hill at Stone Barns.


Oh thank the lord.


I liked that they outsourced the design so that the contestants could focus on the food.


Finally caught up.
How did I know after the teams were picked who the eventual winner would be? It was like watching a slow-moving train wreck as the losing team imploded during service. Was Chris smart to make Claudette EC? Lord knows he didn’t need to Jedi mind trick her into it. Her ego took care of that for him. I liked how people snickered when Claudette started throwing people under the bus, again…and the folks on the winning team to advise Chris that his integrity has nothing to do with what went down during the challenge…don’t fall on that sword, man!
The smartest decision made was by Carrie…who clearly remembered that Claudette just threw someone under the bus (again!) and wanted to avoid the drama.
And Last Chance Kitchen! It was like having to choose between the lesser of two evils, but I am so thrilled Claudette is banished from further competition.


The discussions immediately following the team selection made it easy to pick a favorite.

Not only was the gray team working smoothly as a team, but Joe Flamm had years of FOH experience at his own restaurant and Fatima had only a little. That’s a huge advantage in the restaurant war game. A smart contestant would find out who had such experience ahead of time.


Going here on out, does anyone have any favorites or guesses on who makes it to the finale? I don’t think I have any favorites, however based on past performances during the show, I don’t see any of the ladies making it to the finale…I just don’t see them as clear and as focused as the guys left, and I don’t think they’re as strong as previous ladies who have triumphed. But I love a good surprise.


Top Chef is down to five contestants, and none of them seem particularly creative or even able to execute very well. I like the chefs, but I’m not intrigued by the cooking at all.

For Super Bowl challenge, I would have done something like lamb chops with subtle middle eastern seasonings. Middle Eastern food is trendy right now.

Or I would have done a Momofuku-style bossam. It wouldn’t take any longer than ribs, and it’s a big pile of pork on a lettuce leaf. Perfect for a tailgate.


@Bookwich I kind of agree with you. None of them really compel me. This season feels like one of those seasons where you’ll forget who the winner is until someone reminds you that they won Top Chef…or until one of these guys end up on that Iron Chef Showdown show. It’s been like a dumping ground for Top Chef with a handful of former cheftestants on the most recent season.


Best thing to happen this season is that Chef Chris won those tickets to the Super Bowl and saw his Eagles win.


Padma needs to wear a bra more often. Or just wear one.


m8 hush


No, she doesn’t. She can wear whatever she wants.


And she does. And that’s sort of the problem


Hey man, how about you wear the bro for a week, then you can judge whether she should have to wear a bra. They’re uncomfortable, and unnecessary for small-breasted women.

Back on topic, I thought she was so great as she walked away from Bruce Kaplan last week rolling her eyes and saying under her breath, “You guys are killing me with all this pasta and polenta.”


Down to the final three. Is anyone still watching? I fell behind, but I’m all caught up now. Can I say that I miss Last Chance Kitchen? I’m very pleased with the result, but I thought there was some damned fine food coming out from the eliminated chefs.

After Carrie’s run, I was surprised that she got this week’s ax. I was almost starting to think she had some staying power. Much like last week, it was good to see the chefs performing to the potential that Tom and crew were expecting when they started this game…small little things are going to get you sent home.

I loved having their families show up and cook the meal. However, I felt like they played up Sasto too much for being the only one without his mom…because from the looks of it, his dad’s got game in the kitchen, too.

One last bit of snark…is anyone surprised that Fatima is still in the game for Fan Favorite? She was okay and had some zingers, but I don’t feel she made any impression on me to warrant Fan Favorite…however, I don’t feel as any of this season’s chefs have made any impression on me.
I find myself indifferent to this season…probably more so than any other season in the past. I dare say that I might not even care who wins.


The whole episode was too sappy.