Top Chef Season 15 Denver


I was expecting Joe Flamm to go home after they said his dish needed salt, which is a classic way to get eliminated.

Too much irrelevant family drama. Reminded me of how Bravo ruined Queer Eye.


Catching up, but… three pasta dishes to decide who’s going to the finale? This is honestly the most boring, uninventive group of cooks on this show ever.

And how did Adrianne, that worked at Le Bernardin (as they keep reminding us), not know that lake and river fish can’t be served raw? Mind boggling.


Oh, there were three pasta dishes, weren’t there. I think that happened because they were trying to take big, messy, family-style dishes and shrink them to a little Michelein-ready plate.


I caught all the action on my DVR like 3 days after. Watching them fish was a hoot.
I learned something new about lake and river fish, too. I almost never work with lake and river fish, so I have an excuse on why I didn’t know.


But sometimes you just want shitty fish.


When do you want shitty fish?


When I’m curious what the bears were eating. Upstream.