Top Dog LA

  1. Carney’s
  2. Portillo’s Buena Park
  3. Disneyland Corn Dog
  4. Cupid’s
  5. Pink’s (if it’s late at night and there’s no line)
    (Double Huell Howser dog in photo)
  6. The Stand
  7. Boar’s Head (Ralph’s)
  8. Costco Polish with Sauerkraut
  9. Hot Dog on a Stick Santa Monica Beach
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    Carney’s Photo LA Weekly


Ur right about that Disney corndog. In the California adventure area they have a spicy dog too. Nice list and photos.


Good list! I would add, Lets Be Frank Hot Dogs, both at the Cart and to make at home. I also love Shelton’s Chicken Hot Dogs. Very good flavor.



where’s the fucking let’s be frank cart these days ???

thanks D.


Kevin aren’t they still at Helms bakery across from Father’s Office?


this is what happens at my place


My list:

  1. Fab Hot dog - Not for chili dogs but the street dog, rippers are fantastic, Street dog
  2. Carney’s chili dog
  3. Pinks jalapeno chili cheese dog, though I also like to get this with just mustard
  4. The Stand Big Red 1/4-lb Chili Dog
  5. Costco with Kraut
  6. Pastrami Burrito Dog at Pinks (i like it better than Oki’s)

My favorite place to get dogs is Fab Hot Dog. Great variety, you can get anything in a footlong version and the tots are great!

These are by far my favorite take-home. I find the dogs with pork have a tendency to be not as juicy and the Boar’s Head seem to lack enough seasoning. Nathans all-beef have a stronger taste that stands out even buried under kraut or onions. I still see them in the casing at Smart & Final and Sprouts, Gelson’s. Albertson’s used to carry them but haven’t been in a while.

Also, love Vienna beef.

My favorite used to be Best Kosher out of Chicago. I had them send me cases and they had a special natural casing version they only sold to butcher shops. Picture the Costco dog with a casing.


Pls send out the bat signal if U see the Nathan’s skin on dogs! Forgot about the stand. They have a reasonable Chicago dog too for century city.


gone last time i was there


Albertson’s used to carry Nathan’s skin on, but my Albertson’s became a Haggan’s which is now becoming a Gelson’s….


Great News! Tail O’ The Pup is coming back. They are going to make an announcement in December. Where do you think it will turn up. I grew up on their baseball dogs….
photo LA Times


really ???

how did you know ???

great fucking news. that hot dog had been in storage for the better part of a decade and a half.

do they dole out beef dogs ??? (not to be confused with dole whip, natch).


last rumour was Rick Caruso wanted it for the Grove…but that proved not to be true at the time…hope this comes through…but it’s not just about the hotdog facade there and i have a hard time thinking they can do the same thing with their dogs and fries etc as before. a hotdog doesn’t equal a hotdog.


Alison Martino and LA Magazine. This December will be the announcement. And Kevin yes on beef hot dogs…
Eddie Blake, 85, left, and son Dennis, 57, in 2010 next to their landmark photo LA Times


I wouldn’t call her a reliable source IMHO but I hope she proves me wrong


she may not be a reliable source, but then again I’ve never even heard of her.

but is she nice on the eyes ??? (sorry, I couldn’t fucking resist).

and that ain’t no fucking joke.


LA street dogs.


I feel old as hell for saying this but…

my last go-round I was really turned off by the number of carts with cooked dogs sitting right on top of raw bacon. Had to go to 4 carts to finally find one w/o that situation.

also: they’re really not that good unless you’re buzzed :frowning:


I can see how that would be off putting. Luckily, I haven’t come across it yet.

Most of the time I’ve had those dogs, I’ve actually been sober. I think I just have low standards… :grin:


or you were already throwing up in your mouth after a laker game anyways