Top Dog LA


you also have to sell a helluva lot of fucking hot dogs to pay the high falutin rents that a Westwood address would require.

having said that it’s still quite curious that some many storefronts are beyond empty.

and have been for close to half a decade now and that ain’t no fucking joke.


here’s another interesting one, cheese inside dog and jalapeno bun thingie at s and k’s on 3d street by park la brea


Probably not the thread for this, but the empty storefronts are the fault of the Westwood Special Plan Zoning. They make it near impossible for any “college town” type of establishments like bars or quick-service restaurants to move into empty spaces. They only want retail, and with no parking and competition from 3rd Street Promenade and Century City, there’s no way a high-end retail will open there. So the places stay empty.

Just as an example, I wanted to open my Poutinerie close to UCLA and I was told I could only take over an existing QSR. Not even a regular restaurant. So when Fab’s closed, I tried to get that spot, but the competition from Pieology and I’m sure lots of other places made it impossible. Just around the corner are some great spaces, but they’re not QSRs so I can’t convert them.

Anyway, rant over.


Interesting info, and consistent (I think) w/ what other posters have said previously. A darn shame. :frowning:


Kevin here is info for Let’s Be Frank Cart

at the Helms Bakery Complex in Culver City
Helms Ave. between Washington and Venice Blvds
Hours: Wed-Fri: 11:30-3:30 weekends 11:30-4:30
outside Silverlake Wine
2395 Glendale Blvd
Hours: most Thursday nights: 5:00-10:30


Love & Salt Manhattan Beach’s MORTADELLA “HOT DOG”
pickled vegetable relish, house mustard


Boar’s Head natural casing from Ralph’s. Really nice snap…


A dodger dog would be nice now


Or a WF turkey dog slathered with spicy mustard and mounds upon mounds of fucking shredded cheddar cheese.


I had the D. dog . Nice and shitty just the way I like it . Hope you’re watching the game . Go Mets . Hate the team , love the stadium .
Giants fan.


spicy pastrami dog at Vicious Dogs…pleasantly surprised

Oh yeah, GO DOYERS!!


It looks pretty fucking good.

in some ways if you happen to squint however slightly it gives off the pictorial impression of a Philly cheesesteak.

Is it an all beef dog ???

i completely forgot that Vicious Dogs (in North Hollywood, right) ??? is still around.


It is a polish dog and it does look like sandwich perhaps do to the french bread instead of the typical hot dog bun. The best part was that spicy stuff on top, maybe giardinere (Sp?). I totally forget this place exists to due to the location and that I rarely stop in NoHo.




I found the other Japanese truck Tokyo doggy style also very good.


Looks like the pink panthers cheesesteak topside. I do like that giardinere too


If I’m paying more than $1.50 for reconstituted meat tubes, then it’s 25 Degrees

Bobak weiners and nice sauerkraut, all on a NE style hot dog roll.


Haven’t been there for that but many folks here think they can shave some challah or other shit down or make their own NE style split bun. Never white or light enough. Or griddled yellow enough on top of that from my experience mostly based on lobster rolls. Doesn’t mean it’s not good but just saying ain’t the same. It’s a smaller and narrower vessel for the dog back there.


What a fucking Pepperrudge farm top-loading bun ???


I feel your pain. Having grown up in Westwood, to see it now, just kills me. The parking just sucks and you are right, no high end retail is going into Westwood, there just isn’t the traffic for that. So places stay empty and Westwood looks like a dump. That planning group, while maybe well intentioned, is screwing up Westwood more than if there was no group at all.